RM FORUM ‘Metal Sintering’ - 2012 Event Overview

RM FORUM ‘Metal Sintering’, an event organized by Eris Program was held September 20-21, 2012 in Milan. The theme of the event was sintering of powdered metal applied to rapid manufacturing, in particular for the aerospace, medical and racing sectors.

Their first event in Italy, RM FORUM collected positive opinions by companies that sponsored the event and the public who took part in seminars during the two day event.

Speakers presented state of the art additive technology and a number of raw materials, highlighting how sintering of metal powders represents one of the most promising additive manufacturing technologies. Also interesting were case histories presented by international companies that have chosen to include this technology in their production chain.

A number of people using this technology have consolidated their experience, yet much more needs to be done to increase knowledge about the potential of additive manufacturing and future expectations for the technology.

Reaping the benefits arising from the introduction of this technology is necessary, however, companies need to review all phases of product development, which may require solutions so far precluded from traditional technologies.

For more information, visit: www.eriseventi.com

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