EOS prepared to tap full potential of upcoming market opportunities

At the end of September 2011, EOS completed a very successful fiscal year which showed much higher growth rates than expected after a short phase of economic downturn in 2010. Terry Wohlers, industry consultant and analyst, just recently summarized the potential he sees for the market of additive manufacturing technologies, such as laser-sintering: “The additive Manufacturing (AM) industry continuous to have tremendous untapped potential. A product development company may spend five-to-ten percent on design and prototyping for a given program. The remaining 90-95 percent is spent on production, which is why so many companies are aggressively pursuing this segment of the market.”

EOS also recently surpassed 1,000 laser-sintering systems sold worldwide and completed the fiscal year with a revenue increase of around 40 percent, with more than 90 million Euros. The number of staff is increasing too, with currently more than 350 employees globally. In order to support this growth, and with a focus on further investments into R&D, EOS plans to build a 12,000 qm building next to their current headquarters, with construction starting in spring of 2012.

Dr. Hans J. Langer, founder and CEO of EOS, adds: “22 years after EOS was founded we see a technology challenging the limits of traditional manufacturing. A lot of prototyping companies already have adopted the laser-sintering way to design and manufacture. Meanwhile, more and more OEM’s are adopting the technology for their high-end manufacturing needs too. Together with lighthouse customers, we’ll further develop this segment.” He adds: “Where markets change and new target groups develop, EOS has to prepare for the new challenges and market opportunities ahead. As a consequence, the last fiscal year saw a number of organizational changes which will be supporting further progress.”

As a result, a broader management team has been established which can now better support the key divisions of the company, For example, Quality Management has taken a central role at EOS with a focus on prevention and continuous system and process improvement as well as monitoring and control to enable adequate product and process quality-one of the key prerequisites to meet the particular requirements of EOS’ new industrial customers. In addition, EOS’ service and application consultancy offerings are continuously strengthened by increasing local service and support teams. As a result, customer-specific applications can be optimized upfront, offering a competitive advantage to the customer. Overall, EOS supports its customers in maximizing the benefits arising from the use of the laser-sintering technology.

In addition, EOS further invested into laser-sintering process specialist Advanced Laser Materials LLC (ALM), developer and provider of polyamide materials and processes for additive manufacturing. And, as of January 2012, EOS will enter into a joint venture for the German market together with partner BESTinCLASS called “First Surface Oberflächentechnik GmbH” (see separate press release) to extend the offering of post processing services for this region.

“Apart from all of these changes and further developments in and around EOS, sustainability will remain one of the core strategic pillars for the coming years”, adds Langer. “This will strongly contribute to how EOS plans and sets up the new company building, how we further optimize power consumption of our laser-sintering systems. And how – already today – we see enormous benefits of our technology for our customers by enabling cycle time reduction, reduced material consumption or the possibility to re-use materials, weight reduction through change of material (from metal to plastics), and integration of lattice structures, to name but a few.”

EOS was founded in 1989 and is today the world-leading manufacturer of laser-sintering systems. Laser-sintering is the key technology for e-Manufacturing, the fast, flexible and cost-effective production of products, patterns and tools. The technology manufactures parts for every phase of the product life cycle, directly from electronic data. Laser-sintering accelerates product development and optimizes production processes. EOS completed its business year 2010/2011 with revenues of more than 90 million Euros (more than 120 million US$).

For more information, visit: www.eos.info

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