EOS Introduces New M 100 DMLS® Metal 3D Printer

EOS is presenting M 100, a new system for DMLS (direct metal laser sintering), at this year's formnext show. In terms of process and parts quality, the system is equivalent to the EOS M 290 metal system.

Dr Adrian Keppler, Chief Marketing Officer at EOS said, "The EOS M 100 system offers proven DMLS quality and is also the ideal choice for those considering entry into additive manufacturing.

“With its small build volume, which is based on a round platform of 100 mm diameter, the system focuses on the cost-efficient production of small quantities. For example, it can produce approximately 70 dental crowns and bridges in three hours.

"The EOS M 100 system is currently able process two types of materials, specifically EOS CobaltChrome SP2 (CE-certified, CE 0537) and EOS StainlessSteel 316L, depending on the specific industry application. The next material to be made available for the system will be EOS Titanium Ti64."

Michael Keane, Manager of Technical Process Development at pilot customer Boston Scientific, added, "The EOS M100 adds to our portfolio of metal AM systems and equipment. We have found the ease of material handling and component changeover very beneficial. This has the potential to decrease set-up times, increase productivity and improve operator safety and ergonomics.”

The system features a 200 Watt fibre laser, which due to its beam quality and performance stability ensures optimum and consistent processing conditions, resulting in reproducible quality of the parts. This, plus a smaller laser spot with excellent detail resolution, makes it possible to produce high quality, highly complex and delicate components in the EOS M 100.

The system’s build space and an efficient recoating and exposure strategy reduce non-productive periods, which also contributes to efficient production of smaller quantities. Due to its modular interior structure, the system is quickly set up and dismantled. Materials can be replaced easily and maintenance performed quickly. The peripheral equipment minimises powder contact and is consistent with an industrial production process.

For more information, visit: www.eos.info/eos-m-100

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