EOS at EuroMold 2011

At this year’s EuroMold World Fair for Moldmaking and Tooling, EOS highlighted integrated e-Manufacturing solutions that meet the need for quality assurance in series manufacture of customised products.

The company announced that its Integrated Process Chain Management for plastic applications is being developed further to optimise powder handling. The new IPCM will be scalable to fit into production environments where management of powder quality, traceability and storage is essential. EOS is working closely with selected customers and their input is being integrated in the further development of this concept.

The latest direct metal laser sintering system was exhibited, EOSINT M 280, of which over 30 systems have been sold globally since it was introduced at EuroMold 2010. EOSINT P 760 for plastic applications also featured on the stand.

Emphasis was placed on Laser Power Monitoring, which records the laser power during the build process to ensure that the specified level is maintained. Results are reported via the EOSTATE 1.2 quality assurance module.

New plastic powder

Designed to make plastic laser-sintering more economical and sustainable, PrimePart PLUS is a new, translucent polyamide suitable for fully functional parts with excellent mechanical properties.

Owing to the optimised refresh rate, whereby only about 30 per cent virgin powder has to be added to used material, instead of 50 per cent for conventional polyamide polymers, material consumption is significantly reduced. It leads to lower cost per part, less material wastage and a more efficient production process.

AM meets art

Additive manufacturing is not only showing huge potential for short run production of complex components, but is also opening up new creative avenues. For example, on show at EuroMold was work by artist and product designer, Lionel T Dean, including a 3D printed titanium gearshift.

“Direct digital manufacturing offers much more than complex structures to creative industries: it is a revolution that will allow us to invent new relationships with customers,” stated Dean, whose work can be seen in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

"In contrast to mass production, direct production decreases the need for investment and allows designers to respond to niche markets and individual requirements."

Successful 2010/11 financial year for EOS

Over 1,000 EOS laser-sintering systems have now been sold worldwide, a landmark reached in 2011. At the end of September, the company completed a successful year's trading which showed higher growth rates than expected. Sales revenue increased by around 40 per cent compared with the last financial year, taking turnover to more than 90 million Euros.

The number of staff is increasing too, with currently more than 350 employees globally. To support this growth and with a focus on further investment in R&D, the company plans to build a 12,000 m2 building next to its headquarters in Krailling, near Munich, with construction starting in Spring 2012.

Dr Hans J. Langer, founder and CEO of EOS, said: “Twenty-two years after EOS was founded, we see the technology challenging the limits of traditional manufacturing. Many prototyping companies already use laser-sintering for design and manufacture, while more and more OEMs are adopting the technology for high-end manufacturing.

"Last year saw a number of organisational changes which will support further progress. As a result, a broader management team has been established which can now better support the key divisions of the company.

"Sustainability will remain one of the core strategic pillars for the coming years and will strongly influence EOS' plans, for example how we can further optimise the powder consumption in our laser-sintering systems.

"We already see enormous benefits of our technology, which enables cycle time reductions, reduced material consumption, the possibility to reuse materials, and weight reduction through change of material and the integration of lattice structures.”

For more information, visit: www.eos.info

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