EOS announces five new members to join their e-Manufacturing partner initiative

EOS, the world-leading manufacturer of laser-sintering systems announced today five new members to join their e-Manufacturing partner initiative. Complementing the existing network of e-Manufacturing partners the following companies will join: Germany-based LaserbearbeitungsCenter (LBC) GmbH and kuhn-stoff GmbH & Co KG, UK-based Digital Forming and Within and Swiss-based BESTinCLASS. EOS and e Manufacturing partners join forces to further increase the acceptance of the laser-sintering as a manufacturing process that offers solutions beyond prototyping, thus extending the reach to serial applications too. What all partners have in common is that they are pioneers as well as experts in their respective laser-sintering related field.

Together with EOS, they offer an end-to-end e-Manufacturing process from design to post-processing. Own experiences in the field of laser-sintering on the partner side provide valuable lessons learned for EOS who consequently can ensure a continuous further improvement of the e-Manufacturing process to meet particular customer requirements. Partners, in return, see EOS as their preferred supplier for laser-sintering systems and processes. Dr. Adrian Keppler, Executive Vice President Strategy und Business Development adds: “EOS and its partners jointly believe that laser-sintering is currently challenging the principles of conventional design and manufacturing processes for a large variety of industry-specific applications. Besides others, the EOS partner network is a proof point for the innovative and game changing power of the technology and will help all parties involved to tap the full potential of e-Manufacturing. All new e-Manufacturing partners introduced here are not just sharing a vision but have build up successful business models around the technology, gained practical experiences from this and consequently can perfectly consult customers on how to reach maximum benefit from e-manufacturing with laser-sintering.”

New e-Manufacturing partner LaserbearbeitungsCenter (LBC)

Germany-based LBC has three EOS laser-sintering systems at their facility and as such has sufficient production capacity installed for executing manufacturing projects, particularly for the tooling industry. The company has a very deep knowledge when it comes to adequate conformal cooling design and the manufacturing of mold inserts as well as in production simulation for the laser-sintering process. Ralph Mayer, managing partner of LBC and one of the pioneering users of the laser-sintering technology for the tooling industry in Germany concludes: “Direct Metal Laser-Sintering (DMLS) as provided by EOS is ideally suited to meet the challenges in tooling. We just recently bought the new metal system EOSINT M 280 which not only extended our capacities but also machining efficiency.”

New e-Manufacturing partner kuhn-stoff

Germany-based kuhn-stoff, e-Manufacturing service provider with a particular focus on special purpose machinery has a broad know-how when it comes to design particularly suited for laser-sintering. For their clients, the company answers the key questions ‘How do I translate the potentials of laser-sintering into my product and which rules of the game do I need to consider.’ Hannes Kuhn, general manager of kuhn-stoff adds: ”With laser-sintering, 3D data can be translated directly into parts. As such, conventional manufacturing processes can be supplemented, if not even substituted in some cases. Considering the fact that in special purpose machinery around twenty percent of a machine consists of interface components that are normally very time and cost intensive to design and to manufacture and cannot be covered with standard components, laser-sintered parts – in return – can have a huge impact.”

New e-Manufacturing partner Digital Forming

UK-based Digital Forming has developed a co-design platform comprised of software and supply chain which allows two or more parties to collaborate on the design of a product, where one party is the ‘lead designer’ setting parameters in 3D space for the others. In this way, the platform can be used for the co-creation of new products as well as offering the next generation of customization tools for design orientated companies. The platform is driven by intelligent software that will not allow the co-designer to take the product design to a point where it is no longer buildable, has structural integrity or is fit for function. Lisa Harouni, CEO of Digital Forming says the platform ’democratises’ design for non-CAD users, opening up possibilities and accessibility to Additive Manufacturing technologies. She adds: “Once a bespoke product has been created, the platform will manage the consequential supply chain. Our platform in conjunction with part manufacturing via laser-sintering makes it a rapid, affordable, competitive, flexible design-driven and environmentally friendly process.”

New e-Manufacturing partner Within

Within, a London-based software house and licensing company adds extra know-how to the complete laser-sintering process chain with their software solutions. With years of experience in design for the laser-sintering process, Within has developed a suite of software tools that enable their clients to optimise the design of their components to the laser-sintering process. This can enable them to create lighter weight products which are fully self-supporting but which also meet the functional requirements of the component once in use. Siavash Mahdavi, CEO of Within states: “Laser-sintering can be a game changer to many industries but fully exploiting this revolutionary manufacturing technique requires new software solutions that have not existed to date. By combining artificial intelligence, design rules and computer simulation, we have created software tools that make it easy for you to design buildable and functional complex components for a wide range of industries from Medical to Aerospace, Automotive and Tooling.”

New e-Manufacturing partner BESTinCLASS (BinC)

BESTinCLASS, Swiss-based high precision surface finishing provider offers a post-processing called Micro Machining Process (MMP). Parts manufactured with the laser-sintering technology can be selectively post-treated up to a mirror-like polish. Only those areas are treated where a particular finishing is required, without altering shapes, even complex ones and as such is particularly efficient on DMLS parts. Laurent Cataldo, Chief Executive Officer at BinC adds: “Apart from the watch making and luxury goods industry, MMP can be applied to a lot of industries including aerospace, medical, mould making and auto-sport, all of which enjoy performance gains as a result of the unique accuracy and control provided by MMP. Costs and turnaround times are predictable and controlled; Finishes can be reproduced to industrial standards for multiple parts; Treated parts are free from contamination; part geometries and mechanical properties of the treated surfaces are not altered, cavities can be accessed. Hardening is minimized and the process is approved for parts used in medical applications.”

About LaserBearbeitungsCenter (LBC)

Based in Kornwestheim, LBC makes modern laser technologies available to its customers. Particularly in the field of mold making LBC has a broad know-how covering the entire range of the process chain: from manufacturing molding blanks as well as molds with an optimized conformal cooling to the design of customer-specific cooling solutions, to the simulation of thermally optimised injection molding tools as well as consulting and engineering solutions. For LBC, a key to success is that they work with customers on a partner level. For more information, visit: www.lasergenerieren.de/en/index.php

About kuhn-stoff

Founded in 2005, kuhn-stoff Gmbh & Co KG is a young company which is exclusively focusing on the design and manufacturing of laser-sintered parts made of polyamide. With this, kuhn-stoff is particularly supporting customers in the special purpose machinery manufacturing industry. kuhn-stoff is inspired by the EOS e-Manufacturing concept and fully supports it. He is the leading service provider when it comes to the implementation of laser-sintered parts as end products. For more information, visit: www.kuhn-stoff.de

About Digital Forming

Digital Forming Ltd. was established in November 2008 by 4 partners from science, creative and business backgrounds; Assa Ashuach, Dr Siavash Mahdavi, Nicolas de Cordes and Lisa Harouni. Digital Forming is a 3D software house that proposes to revolutionize product customization and co-design. The company has developed an extensive platform to link designers, brands, and their customers to Additive Manufacturing technology. Digital Forming offers its software and platform through a SaaS licensing model and undertakes consultancy for companies who are looking for a competitive edge through Additive Manufacturing technologies. For more information, visit: www.digitalforming.com

About Within

Within is a licensing company and software house, based in London that has created tools which constantly push at the boundaries of the possi­bilities in additive manufacturing. Within can improve the performance of products and reduce their weight through a variety of software tools. This is primarily achieved by the use of customised lattice structures. Our technology is inspired by nature and has resulted in the creation of advanced forms of Bio-inspired Artificial Intelligence. These tools understand both the functionality of the product as well as the design rules associated with additive manufacturing. Within’s current suite of technologies can make products exhibit properties that were previously unachievable. For more information, visit: www.withinlab.com


Founded in Switzerland in 1995, BESTinCLASS SA has developed the micro-machining process (MMP), a proprietary precision surface finishing technique. MMP can finely distinguish and selectively apply different primary roughness, secondary roughness and waviness profiles to surfaces. Working from its own treatment labs, BESTinCLASS is poised to provide manufacturers with custom finishes to meet their specifications. An exceptional feature of MMP is its ability to provide selective surface finishes that can be reproduced to industrial standards. The company and the Joint venture using the MMP Technology employs 75 people worldwide, including 35 people in the headquarter in Genolier Switzerland. For more information, visit: www.binc.biz/gb/index.php

About EOS

EOS was founded in 1989 and is today the world-leading manufacturer of laser-sintering systems. Laser-sintering is the key technology for e-Manufacturing, the fast, flexible and cost-effective production of products, patterns and tools. The technology manufactures parts for every phase of the product life cycle, directly from electronic data. Laser-sintering accelerates product development and optimizes production processes. EOS completed its business year 2010/2011 with revenues of more than 90 million Euros (125 million US$). For more information, visit: www.eos.info

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