EnvisionTEC® to Unveil Paste Based DLP 3D Printer

EnvisionTEC is proud to announce the new Perfactory® WaxEra™ 3d printer, which can print light curable paste as an alternative to liquid based polymers.

The first material the WaxEra™ will run is E-Wax, a new wax paste with a photosensitive polymer binder designed for jewelry investment casting. The quality and resolution of the parts 3D printed using E-Wax paste rivals those that have been 3D printed using liquid photopolymer materials on the EnvisionTEC Perfactory® equipment.

“We are proud to deliver the very first Digital Light Projection technology based 3D printer that can print with a paste material, opening up the possibility to 3D print using highly filled materials. These new highly filled paste materials will allow EnvisionTEC to penetrate new markets, and deliver 3D printing solutions not previously available in the 3D printing space. Whether you want a highly filled ceramic part for high temperature resistance or a highly filled wax part for direct investment casting, the WaxEra™ brings 3D printing into a new era by delivering innovative 3D printing solutions to an expanding selection of new markets,” said Al Siblani, CEO of EnvisionTEC.

For more information, visit: www.envisiontec.com/3d-printers/desktop-family/perfactory-waxera

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