Engineering Technology Associates Releases DYNAFORM 5.8.1

Engineering Technology Associates, Inc. (ETA) is pleased to announce the availability of Version 5.8.1, of its complete die system simulation solution, DYNAFORM ™.  This latest release promises to deliver a robust environment for engineers to simulate and analyze the entire die system.  The FEA software solution guides the engineer through a wide range of stages in the manufacturing process, from cost estimation and die face design to formability analysis and stamping process simulation.

Some of the most significant enhancements in this version are delivered through DYNAFORM’s Die Face Engineering (DFE) module.  DFE now offers the capacity to parametrically build die faces for a symmetrical part.  Therefore, after the user defines the symmetry line, the program can automatically build the die faces for the other half of the symmetrical part accordingly.

Also notable, a ‘new product change replacement’ feature was added in 5.8.1.  It allows the user to retain the current die face design and simply drop in new product design surfaces, saving the user a great deal of time while providing greater flexibility.

Finally, a new ‘Auto Mesh’ option was added in DFE and allows the user to automatically mesh the CAD model immediately after it has been imported.

The Blank Size Engineering (BSE) module was also enhanced in the latest round of development.  The module was significantly improved upon by way of a streamlined guided user interface (GUI).  New dialogues within the GUI contain tabbed menus for easy navigation between functions.

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