VDI Conference "Automobile Production": Focus on Process Technologies

Integrated, highly automated and thus extremely economical production of plastic components for automobile manufacturing is the focus of injection moulding machine builder and automation expert ENGEL Austria's booth during the international "Plastics in Automobile Production". The VDI Wissensforum is taking place on 6 and 7 April this year at the Congress Centrum Rosengarten in Mannheim, Germany.

"The automotive injection moulding market is in full swing once more, the key topics, which are at the same time the growth and technology drivers, being lightweight construction, surfaces and functional integration", reports Michael Fischer, Head of Sales Technologies with ENGEL Austria in Schwertberg/Austria, looking forward to constructive talks in Mannheim.

ENGEL will be presenting the following technologies based on product samples and videos:

• joinmelt for thermoplastic hollow parts with complex shapes in a single step. joinmelt, the latest technology by ENGEL, allows hot gas welding directly in the mould without any noticeable slowing of the cycle time. This not only means saving a complete production step, but also assures decisive improvements in the quality of the weld.

• organomelt for thermoplastic hybrid structures in mass production. ENGEL first showcased its highly automated production cell for cost-effective processing of thermoplastic fibre composite semi-finished products, such as organic sheets,
at K 2010. The integrated process chain comprises heating, forming and back injection steps.

• clearmelt for scratch-proof, quality surfaces with a 3D effect. Using sliding table technology, a thermoplastic carrier is first moulded on a two-component indexing platen machine, and then flooded with transparent polyurethane. The PUR plant is integrated into the production cell.

• glazemelt for large surface, torsion free glazing components. The ENGEL duo combi M is a special variant of the ENGEL large-scale machine series that features a rotary table and piggy-back injection mould for producing large, multiple component and mainly transparent parts. The system is particularly well suited for parts with combined seals.

• dolphin for soft-touch surfaces in automobile interiors. The method combines injection moulding of a hard component and subsequent foaming with a special TPE in a single production cycle and is thus an interesting alternative to many of today's established multiple stage processes and to polyurethane foaming.

"Technology plays a critical role in the automobile industry and automotive supplies. The trend towards highly-integrated production cells, supplied as single-source, turn-key systems, is on the up", says Franz Füreder, Head of the ENGEL Automotive Business Unit. ENGEL sees its task as one of not only producing injection moulding machines and robots, but also of cooperating with brand-name system partners to offer integrated solutions for highly-efficient and economical manufacturing.

For more information visit: www.engelglobal.com

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