Smart Ideas: Teletronics Days in Mexico from 11 to 12 May

During the event the PDA shells will be manufactured from PA 6 with a glass fibre content of 50%. The induction process ensures a particularly high-quality finish. During the event the PDA shells will be manufactured from PA 6 with a glass fibre content of 50%. The induction process ensures a particularly high-quality finish.

In line with the slogan, „Smart Ideas for Smart Phones & More“ ENGEL has invited plastics manufacturers in the telecommunications and consumer electronics industries to Mexico for its Teletronics Days on 11 and 12 May. At its subsidiary in Querétaro ENGEL and its technology partner Roctool will be demonstrating the efficient production of thin-walled components with a high-quality finish.

"Mexico is a key market for the telecommunications and consumer electronics industry," stresses Heinz Rasinger, Head of the Teletronics Business Unit at ENGEL in Schwertberg/Austria. The international supply industry benefits from this, in particular companies in the USA and Far East – including renowned TV manufacturers – who have relocated to or established production capacities in Mexico over the past years. ENGEL has acquired a leading position in this highly dynamic market environment and is now one of the top suppliers to the plastics processing industry. In the last five years the Mexican injection moulding machine manufacturer and automation expert generated sales of over € 50 million in the teletronics segment alone. "The demand is predominantly for system solutions for displays together with thin-wall applications for high-quality finishes," says Rasinger.

Inductive mould temperature control for superior component quality
One of the highlights of the event will be inductive mould temperature control, which produces mirror or matte finishes without weld lines. The technology – developed by Roctool based at Le Bourget, France, and optimised together with partners – employs electromagnetic fields to bring the mould surface particularly quickly up to the desired temperature. This enables a variothermal injection moulding process, which guarantees complete mould filling and precision machining.

A second highlight will be the manufacture of housing parts with lectures on production technologies and a demonstration of the manufacture of thin-walled, foil-decorated laptop casings using embossing technology.

Integrated system solutions for maximum efficiency
The potential of the induction process will be demonstrated at the TechCenter of ENGEL Mexico on a fully electric ENGEL e-motion injection moulding machine with a clamping force of 100 tonnes. It will be used to manufacture mobile phone shells by thin-wall process with a particularly high-quality finish at visible points. A new-generation ENGEL viper 12 type robot will remove the mobile phone shells from the mould. "Automation plays a key role in the manufacture of high-quality visible parts," continues Rasinger. ENGEL supplies integrated system solutions to its customers worldwide, providing a perfect mesh between injection moulding machine and automation, process technology and mould project engineering, thus ensuring the highest level of process security and efficiency.

At Teletronics Days ENGEL will be presenting further system solutions conforming to the high standards of the teletronics industry on an ENGEL e-motion machine with a clamping force of 280 tonnes and a tie-bar-less 220-tonne ENGEL victory machine.

The applications demonstrated at the TechCenter will be presented in detail in lectures, and the potential and technological opportunities of these innovative technologies will be discussed. The programme will be rounded off by a paper on peripheral technology.

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