Poly-Nova Transforms with ENGEL Machines

Poly-Nova Technologies has chosen ENGEL as the injection molding machine supplier for the transformation of their manufacturing facility in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

Poly-Nova Technologies has completed Phase One of their facility transformation. The transformation supports their new corporate philosophy: to bring higher efficiencies and quality to their customers through standardization and automation. To meet the corporate technical standards used globally, Poly-Nova chose ENGEL injection molding machinery. “The new high efficiency ENGEL machinery meets the high technological standards required of our existing molding processes” states Geoff Valeriote, Sales & Marketing Manager of Poly-Nova. “The energy saving benefits of these machines further supports our efforts to increase the energy savings of our production processes.”

The new injection molding machinery will be used for the molding of both homogenous rubber parts and insert over-molded parts. All molding technology used in conjunction with these machines will be wasteless / flashless – a specialty of Poly-Nova’s. Flashless molding is extremely valuable when working with high performance elastomers such as the fluorosilicones and fluorocarbons that are a large part of Poly-Nova’s business.

Supporting production and energy efficiencies

All machines purchased have been equipped with dual material feed systems, eliminating downtime for material changes and increasing flexibility in production. One of the feeding systems chosen was the all-electric ENGEL roto feeder – a rotary hopper for continuous feeding of high consistency rubber (HCR) / solid silicone – which allows these materials to be used much more cost-effectively.

Creating a foundation for Poly-Nova‘s energy saving goals, all the new machines include ENGEL’s servo-hydraulic eco-drive which provides energy consumption rates similar to those of fully electric injection molding machines – by up to 70 percent in comparison to conventional hydraulic injection molding machines.

It’s all about control

ENGEL’s machines meet the high technical standards required by Poly-Nova thanks in part to the flexible and powerful CC 200 controller. Special controller options are easily incorporated and multiple interfaces for auxiliary equipment allow their third party equipment to be seamlessly interfaced and operated through the machine controller.

“The new molding equipment, enables us to standardize our processes and improve overall cost effectiveness,” says Valeriote. “And allows us to be even more competitive in the global market.”

“Poly-Nova have set themselves up to be a state-of-the-art rubber molder” says Steve Elliott, General Manager of ENGEL Canada Inc. “The way they have set up their facility there are few, if any, processes or applications in rubber molding that they cannot accommodate.”

In business since 1996, Poly-Nova services the North American automotive, appliance and energy technology markets as a custom designer and manufacturer of precision rubber products. Proven experts in state-of-the-art precision rubber molding, as well as material development and engineering, they deliver on both quality and reliability -- creating solutions specifically tailored to the application needs of their customers. In their commitment to continuously streamline systems, Poly-Nova has developed multiple proprietary molding processes, providing significant quality improvements and cost savings benefits to customers.

For more information, visit: www.poly-nova.com

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