On the safe side with ENGEL Ever-Q

Uncompromising quality, complete traceability, and accuate documentation. The medical and automotive industries are regulated by standards, guidelines and laws governing the design of production lines and processes, as well as proof of conformity to regulations. An important prerequisite in qualification is the calibration of the processing machines. With Ever-Q, ENGEL offers their expertise in the calibration and conformance of your injection molding machine.

From the barrel temperature to the clamping force, injection speed and holding pressure to repeatability of the cycle time: the Ever-Q documentation ensures that all machine parameters conform to the required specifications. The ENGEL technician will perform over 20 series of measurements using independent calibrated devices, log the results and ensure that any deviations are within the acceptable tolerances.

Ever-Q allows plastics manufacturers to benefit from the over 15 years experience of our ENGEL experts in the factory calibration of injection molding machines. This extensive knowledge and experience represents security. It guarantees that suitable calibration methods and measuring instruments are used, and the tolerance limits are defined according to industry specifications. External calibration laboratories, which usually work for several different branches of industry, have difficulty with this. A further advantage of the ENGEL service: the wide range of injection molding machines installed enables ENGEL to offer the Ever-Q calibration at a relatively low price.

Calibration is performed to a variety of international standards: in the automotive industry, the requirements for quality management are defined, amongst others, by ISO 9000 and ISO 9001; in the medical industry, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is the accepted set of regulations.

In addition to Ever-Q calibration saving time and costs in advance of start-up, ENGEL can also perform a periodic check, at the customer’s facility, of the relevant parameters for any requalification requirements. In this way, Ever-Q calibration can support the yearly evaluations required for GMP certification and Operation Qualification (OQ).

For more information, visit: www.engelglobal.com

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