ENGEL expanding in Germany

The Austrian injection moulding machine manufacturer and automation expert, ENGEL, anticipates the highest turnover ever since moving into the Germany market for the current business year. To keep pace with the increasing demand for machines, robots and system solutions, ENGEL has added new members to its sales team in Baden-Württemberg and now looks to expand the Hagen facility with an Automation Centre for Germany.

Thanks to a turnover of 123 million Euros and orders totalling 162 million Euros in the business year 2010/2011, ENGEL Germany recovered far more quickly from the credit crunch than anticipated. Record turnover is on the cards for the current financial year, 2011/2012. The main growth driver is the automotive industry, which has returned to its full strength, say the managing directors of the three sales and service subsidiaries in Germany, Ralf Christofori (Nuremberg), Rolf Sass (Hagen) and Christopher Vitz (Hannover). "Efficient and economic production systems are in demand in high-wage countries like Germany", emphasises Ralf Christofori. "We established our leading position here due to our innovativeness, technological competence and enormous system know-how." ENGEL Germany's customers include major corporations and OEMs as well as mid-caps and smaller suppliers, where ENGEL scores bonus points due to its geographical proximity and individual industry and application-specific solutions. Injection moulding machines and automation, mould design engineering and process technology, service, training and financing solutions all mesh perfectly with ENGEL, thus ensuring a high degree of efficiency and future-proof investments in the automotive industry, medical technology, packaging and technical moulding.

Because many international purchasing decisions are made in Germany, the market is also extremely important for the machine manufacturer from the point of view of strategy. In recent years, for example, ENGEL Germany has generated around 20 percent of its turnover through the expansion of German companies into Eastern Europe.

New team members in Baden-Württemberg
In this dynamic market, ENGEL is continuing to expand its presence. The latest action was to expand the sales and consultancy team in Baden-Württemberg to reflect the increasing number of projects in this region. In Uwe Handschuh and Jürgen Bereswill, ENGEL secured two experienced injection moulding experts for the sales area in Germany's southwest. Uwe Handschuh took up his new position on 1st October 2010, with Jürgen Bereswill following on 1st March 2011. Both bring many years of experience in injection moulding technology to their new offices.

Investment in Hagen
Hagen has operated a separate automation centre for German plastics processors since 2003. This year will see around 1000 square metres of floor space added to the facility. "ENGEL's market share in automation technology just keeps on growing. And we are gradually reaching our capacity limits", says Rolf Sass, the managing director of ENGEL Hagen and ENGEL Automation Technology Germany. Two major factors contribute to this development. On the one hand, single-source system solutions are becoming increasingly important. Almost every second automated manufacturing cell sold by a European injection moulding machine manufacturer is supplied by ENGEL. This makes ENGEL the clear global leader in injection moulding machine automation. On top of this, ENGEL has sold an increasing number of robots, including robots for deployment on third-party machines, since the introduction of the ENGEL viper linear robot series. One in four robots supplied to the injection moulding industry in Europe comes from ENGEL.

750 square metres of the new floor space in Hagen will be dedicated to assembling robots and other automation solutions. And 120 square metres will provide new office space. Parallel to the expansion, the number of staff in automation will also increase from the present 41 to 60. All told, a staff of 90 will work at the Hagen facility in future. This takes ENGEL Germany's total number of staff to more than 180.

High level of stability for successful projects
"Customer proximity, quality and reliability are our most important guidelines", emphasises Christopher Vitz, the managing director of ENGEL Germany in Hannover. "This is the only way we can improve our customers' ability to compete." Plastics processors in Germany benefit not least from the high level of management stability at the ENGEL subsidiaries. All three managing directors in Germany have held office for more than ten years, and the local sales and consultancy team is characterised by a high level of continuity. Many sales consultants can look back on more than ten years of experience with ENGEL products in customer projects.

All three German sales and service subsidiaries have their own showrooms and training centres. This means that plastics processors in Germany can get to know ENGEL's machines, robots and technologies in their own region, perform tests with their own moulds and gain experience in efficient handling of ENGEL solutions through training.

For more information visit: www.engelglobal.com

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