ENGEL at Plastpol 2011 in Kielce

ENGEL couples innovative injection moulding technology with peak efficiency and cost effectiveness. The injection moulding machine manufacturer and automation expert will once again be demonstrating its high level of system solutions competence at Plastpol in Kielce/Poland from 24 to 27 May. A special emphasis will be placed on elastomer processing, a brand new topic at Plastpol.

At Plastpol 2011, International Fair for Plastics and Rubber Processing (as the fair is to be called in future) ENGEL will be presenting itself for the first time with the ENGEL elast business sector and ENGEL LIM for the processing of cross-linking and thermoplastic elastomers. The injection moulding machine manufacturer and automation expert will be producing pens at Stand F3 in Hall F. For this purpose it will be using a vertical ENGEL elast 750/250 V type machine and a 4+4 cavity mould from ORP Stampi in which two pen casings and caps are produced in one cycle each. They will be moulded from type HTV-80ShA hard silicone from PMG.

Further highlights at the ENGEL booth this year will be energy efficiency and automation. For example, the ENGEL duo 3550/500 pico consumes significantly less energy for the production of crates made of polypropylene than conventional hydraulic injection moulding machines. The economical working method of the 500-tonne machine, operating at the trade fair with a Haidlmair mould, is attributable to the servohydraulic ENGEL ecodrive, which can be supplied as an option for all hydraulic machines from the ENGEL product programme.

Saving energy and cooling water
ENGEL ecodrive consists of a servomotor with fixed displacement, or variable capacity pump, instead of a permanently running asynchronous motor, so that the speed of the machine is directly related to the rpm. During standstill times, cooling phases for example, the machine does not consume any power at all. This enables the ENGEL hydraulic machines to achieve energy consumption figures that can match up against those of all-electric machines. Energy consumption is reduced – depending on the application and machine type – by up to 70%.

At the same time cooling water consumption on the oil cooler is reduced to a minimum, in many cases to zero. In conventional hydraulic drive concepts the portion of electrical energy that is not used for movement is converted to heat and fed, for the most part, to the hydraulic oil. ENGEL ecodrive reduces energy losses to such a high extent that – with the exception of high performance applications – only minimal heating of the hydraulic oil occurs. The oil temperature thus becomes an indicator of the energy efficiency of the machine.

Powerful and highly dynamic
At the trade fair the crates will be demoulded by an ENGEL viper 20 type robot and deposited on a conveyor belt. The new ENGEL linear robot generation stands for peak efficiency and productivity. This is mainly attributable to three new software features:
• "mass identification" identifies the currently manipulated mass, adapts the dynamic values to match and thus ensures optimum acceleration.
• "vibration control" reduces vibration even with long axis dimensions, for improved tracking and positioning accuracy, thus ensuring shorter cycle times.
• "efficiency control" optimises robot movements for maximum productivity while consuming very little energy.
Since the K Fair last October viper robots have been available in five sizes with nominal load-bearing capacities of between 6 and 60 kg.

Hybrid machine for top efficiency
The third fair exhibit, an ENGEL e-victory 310/90 which will be used to manufacture ice scrapers made of polypropylene at the stand, likewise achieves maximum efficiency. The standard ENGEL e-victory hybrid machine is fitted with an ecodrive, making it ideal for applications with hydraulic components, e.g. core pulls, since despite the electrical injection unit the hydraulics stay on board.

For more information visit: www.engelglobal.com

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