ENGEL at MD&M Minneapolis

ENGEL North America will exhibit a wide range of injection molding technology at the upcoming MD&M Minneapolis 2012 show in Minneapolis, MN.  The exhibit starts with an ecodrive equipped, 55 ton ENGEL e-victory hybrid tie-bar-less machine molding an LSR application, and adds an ENGEL viper 6 robot.  The system features the new ENGEL flomo -- an extremely compact temperature controlling water distribution system with electronic monitoring, and finishes with ENGEL e-factory 2 remote monitoring system.

ENGEL North America, member of the ENGEL group, a world leader in the design and manufacture of injection molding machines and parts-handling automation, will exhibit a hybrid tie-bar-less injection molding machine – the ENGEL e-victory 200/55 US -- running a 4-cavity LSR mold, producing a medical umbrella valve for suction device.  Automatic part removal will be handled by the ENGEL viper 6 linear servo robot.

ENGEL e-victory with ecodrive for increased energy efficiency:

The ENGEL e-victory machine series is characterized by a high-precision, servo-electrical injection unit and a tie-bar-less, hydraulic clamping unit.  For added efficiencies, ENGEL’s ecodrive has been installed – reducing energy consumption by up to 70 percent compared with standard hydraulics, providing savings similar to comparable fully electric machines.

Benefits of the ecodrive are particularly great when it comes to the tie-bar-less ENGEL victory and e-victory machines. In contrast to standard hydraulics with asynchronous drives, ecodrive does not consume flushing or idle energy when the machine is not in motion. Legacy hydraulic drives continuously pump the hydraulic oil through the system.

Using all-electric injection units along with servo-hydraulics has an additional positive effect on energy management, as no energy is consumed while the hydraulics are idle, which leads to vastly improved energy utilization. In addition, clamping pressure lock-in, a standard feature, improves ecodrive’s efficiency. This means that the clamping pressure is locked into the sealed hydraulic clamping system by means of a non-return valve which removes the need to consume energy to maintain clamping pressure.

The ENGEL viper

Maximum stability, impressive dynamics and maximum user-friendliness. The ENGEL viper combines all of these things with ease: it saves weight thanks to its innovative design using laser-welded steel sections which keeps the dead weight of the robot low and provides users with a substantially higher load-bearing capacity.

Thanks to clever software such as vibration control and mass identification, it automatically reduces structure borne vibration, even with longer axis dimensions, and optimizes its movements and dynamic values to achieve better efficiency. The impressive results: ultra-fast cycle times and maximum productivity accompanied by low energy consumption.

The ENGEL viper 6 has a load-bearing capacity of 6 kg/13 lbs.

Mold maintenance directly on the machine

The new ENGEL flomo is one of the smallest adjustable water manifolds on the market with electronic monitoring. As the world’s first system of its kind, the ENGEL flomo can be either machine mounted – with the user interface fully integrated into the ENGEL CC200 control unit, or as a stand-alone unit equipped with its own control unit.

For the MD&M Minneapolis show, the extremely compact ENGEL flomo manifold has been mounted very close to the mold, minimizing heat loss. The fully integrated user interface provides permanent electronic monitoring of all cooling circuits, and for show purposes will be monitoring the cold runner manifold (temperature and pressure of return water).

ENGEL e-factory 2:  the new dimension in transparency

Fully redeveloped and enhanced, the new ENGEL e-factory 2 has been designed to better improve efficiencies, reduce costs and enhance service. This complete modular software solution assists with the central acquisition of operation and process data as well as the setting data to the ENGEL injection molding machines.

ENGEL e-factory 2 serves as the interface and the communication gateway between injection molding production and an organization’s network. The software package records detailed data from a facilities injection molding machines, which means the customer is informed even more quickly about what‘s happening across their production operation - even when things aren‘t quite running as they should. Now customers can draw conclusions concerning the susceptibility to failure, utilization and productivity of the machinery and see where to start making further improvements.

At MD&M Minneapolis 2012, an ENGEL e-victory press will be running a 4 cavity, cold-runner medical umbrella valve mold. Partners in the exhibit include MR Mold (mold), Fluid Automation (material feeding system), Dow Corning (material) and Gayson SDI (colorant).

For more information, visit: www.canontradeshows.com/expo/minn12 or www.engelglobal.com

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