ENGEL at Chinaplas: Focus on Energy Efficiency

At Chinaplas 2011 from 17 to 20 May in Guangzhou, PR China, the focus for ENGEL will be completely on energy efficiency, the number one topic in China's plastics processing industry. With its five exhibits the injection moulding machine maker and automation expert will be presenting turn-key solutions for highly economic manufacturing. At the same time, two other trends at this year's Chinaplas, increased precision and productivity, will also be presented at trade fair booth J 41 in Hall 4.1.

The need to avoid aggressive use of resources is becoming increasingly important in China's manufacturing industry. In its recently published five-year plan, the Chinese government firmly established the importance of sustainability. ENGEL, the worldwide pioneer in energy-efficient drive concepts, has taken a leading position among European machine manufacturers in Asia in this market environment. Before the end of the year, ENGEL will be doubling the capacity of its large-scale machine production works in Shanghai to an annual output of 200 machines in order to cope with increasing demand from China, but also from South-East Asia and India.

Up to 70 percent energy savings
The ENGEL duo 5550/700 injection moulding machine which will be producing engine covers on a mould by Mecaplast also comes from the Shanghai works. The machine is equipped with the servohydraulic ENGEL ecodrive.

ENGEL ecodrive is available as an option for all hydraulic machines in the ENGEL product programme, comprises a servomotor with fixed displacement, or variable capacity pump, instead of a permanently running asynchronous motor. The machine's speed is directly linked to the drive speed. When it is at standstill, for example during the cooling phase, the machine does not consume any power. The machine consumes up to 70 percent less energy than comparable, conventional hydraulic machines. This helps the ENGEL hydraulic machines to achieve energy consumption figures that can hold sway with values achieved by fully electric machines. On top of this, the ecodrive reduces cooling water consumption at the oil cooler to a minimum, in many cases even to zero. The oil temperature is an indicator of the machine's energy efficiency.

The duo machine presented in Shanghai will comprise a complete production cell including automation. A linear robot of the ENGEL viper 40 type will take the engine covers off the mould. The new ENGEL viper robot generation stands for best-in-class efficiency and productivity. Thanks to its mass identification software, the viper robot adapts the speed of its movements to match the weight of the part to be taken off. If the weight is below the rated value, the robot works more quickly. At the same time, the vibration control software reduces vibration, thus not only ensuring improved tracking and positioning accuracy, but also achieving shorter cycle times. Wait times are also minimised, with the robot using efficiency control to automatically adapt its sequences outside of the injection moulding machine to match the cycle time of the plant. Since the K trade fair last October, the viper robots have been available in five sizes with nominal load bearing capacities of 6 to 60 kg.

Maximum precision with standard machine technology
The ENGEL victory 1050/160 at ENGEL's trade fair booth is also equipped with ecodrive. The machine will be demonstrating a medical application where energy efficiency and maximum precision are the key requirements. Cylinders for 2-ml syringes will be produced using a thin-wall technology and a 32-cavity mould by Swiss mould maker Schöttli. Substantial reduction of the wall thickness compared with legacy syringes guarantees considerable improvements in material use and to cycle times. The material used here is medical grade polypropylene by Borealis from Linz/Austria. This application clearly demonstrates that high-precision thin wall applications can be implemented using standard ENGEL machine technology.

More productivity thanks to larger mould fixing platens
At Chinaplas, ENGEL will be producing LED leadframes on an ENGEL insert 80V/60 type machine; this application was a huge success when demonstrated at Koplas in Korea last year. The 60 ton clamping force insert machine was built at ENGEL's production works for small to mid-range machines in Pyungtaek City, Korea, and was specially modified to fulfil the requirements for leadframe manufacturing. The machine's mould fixing platens were enlarged to accommodate moulds with more cavities. This trade fair exhibit will be working with a 256-cavity mould by Woosung Hitech, Euiwang City, Kyounggi-do, Korea. The cycle time of this application is 10 seconds.

Fully electric at a reasonable price
Representing the fully electric machines, an ENGEL e-max 200/100 will be producing seal rings from liquid silicon at Chinaplas. The machine has been fitted with an LSR dosing unit by Elmet for this application and uses raw materials supplied by partner Dow Corning. The ENGEL e-max guarantees 100% compliance with the requirements of Asia's plastics processors by combining maximum performance, highest productivity and precision with an extremely economical drive technology. Thanks to the compact construction, its high efficiency unfolds on a very small floor space and with very attractive price/performance figures into the bargain. The machine can be upgraded by adding a variety of optional standardised technology modules to fulfil individual requirements in a targeted manner.

A second ENGEL e-max machine will be on display at the booth of ENGEL partner Max Robot, Yuyao City, Zhejiang, China. The machine will be producing mobile phone shells in thin-wall technology with an insert-placing part.

System solutions from a single source
With these five exhibits, ENGEL will again demonstrate its system competency at Guangzhou. From the machine, via automation and process technology, through to training and service, ENGEL covers the complete spectrum of injection moulding technology worldwide. Only if all of these areas mesh perfectly, it is possible to fully leverage the efficiency potential of the application, while at the same time improving the quality of the moulded parts.

"The investment climate in China is very good at this year's Chinaplas", emphasises Gero Willmeroth, Sales Director with ENGEL MACHINERY (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. in the run up to the fair. "In May, we can look forward to launching numerous new projects in Guangzhou. The attendance figures at Chinaplas will continue to increase."

China recently set a target of seven percent growth per annum in its new five-year plan. One notable trend is the expansion of production locations into inner regions of the country. To ensure customer proximity, ENGEL already has three subsidiaries in China - in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen.

For more information visit: www.engelglobal.com or www.chinaplasonline.com

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