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Endurance Lasers announces a new 5.6W diode laser that can convert your 3D printer or CNC router into a powerful laser engraving / cutting machine.

The L-Cheapo MK4 5.6W can be easily installed on any 3D printer or CNC machine. If you already have a DIY engraving machine or makeblock plotter, you can upgrade your laser with ease.

The laser does not require additional cooling or additional power and can engrave and cut images from jpeg, eps or use gcode.

Key features:

  • Highly efficient and true power output. The stated 5.6w has 5.6w output. This power is enough to cut 6 mm ¼’’ of wood and plywood
  • 24/7 full tech support
  • Easy to install and quick to start cutting or engraving
  • Compatible with most 3D printers and CNC mills
  • Can cut and engrave many materials including: wood, plywood, fabric, felt, acrylic, ABS, PLA, cardboard, hardboard
  • You can engrave on glass and etch aluminum or copper
  • Made in the USA

When installing it on a 3D-printer, the laser is connected to the power socket of one of the cooling fans of the extruder or to the jack of the power used for the table heating. Typically, diode lasers require the current of 12 v and 1A or more. A 5.6 W laser needs not more than 3-4 A. For the correct connection please read the instructions for your CNC machine or 3D printer.

In some cases, the laser control is similar to the control of a 3D printer or a CNC machine. Namely, by using the G-code (G-code). If you have connected the laser to the output of the fan, you need to see which command is responsible for turning on and off the fan and use it, correspondingly, to turn on and off the laser.

On the Internet there are a lot of articles and videos telling how to create the G-code for cutting or engraving. We recommend Inkscape, the program, for which there are several plugins that allow converting vector images to the G-code.

The solid-state laser is based on gallium aluminate and has a 445 nm wavelength (dark blue). When working with lasers remember to observe safety regulations! Never use the laser without special safety goggles. NEVER aim the laser at people or animals. Never use it for purposes other than intended.

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