ElectriPlast Corporation Sponsors Launch of the Conductive Plastics Forum

ElectriPlast Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Integral Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: ITKG) (“Integral”), and makers of the ElectriPlast™ line of electrically conductive resins, announced today the sponsored launch of The Conductive Plastics Forum, an online forum to promote the research, development and commercialization of electrically conductive plastics, resins and polymers. The forum, www.conductiveplastics.org, promotes discussion, consultation and advise from industry professionals around the world who have interest in advancing concepts, ideas, applications and designs for conductive resins and polymers.

“This is an emerging technology and The Conductive Plastics Forum is a great venue in which to exchange ideas, educate and promote the adoption of conductive plastics,” commented Herbert Reedman, ElectriPlast CEO. “Forums are the equivalent of on-line classrooms or think tanks; a place to collaborate, learn and grow as an industry.”

Conductive plastics, once thought to be an impossibility, are rapidly gaining attention from every corner of industry for their ability to replace conventional metal or aluminum components with electrically conductive light weight plastics while reducing component weight by 40 to 60%.

Applications for conductive plastics include everything from wire and power electronics, to shielding, antennas, capacitors and medical devices. Interested industries include consumer electronics, aerospace, military, automotive, lighting, heavy industry and life sciences as designers and engineers look for ways to make their products lighter, more portable or more fuel efficient.

“Our hope is to help foster a thriving on-line community of design, manufacturing, teaching and engineering professionals who share our vision for emerging conductive plastic technologies so that together, we expand knowledge and grow as an industry,” said Reedman.
Interested parties are invited to join the online Conductive Plastics Forum at http://www.conductiveplastics.org.

ElectriPlast has been constantly innovating in the conductive resins field since it received its first patent in November 2001 for engineering a highly conductive plastic for antenna applications. ElectriPlast now manages what is said to be the most comprehensive patent library in the conductive plastics space.

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