New DYMAX Light-Curable Adhesive for Multiple Substrates Has Built-In Cure Indicator

DYMAX Corporation has released a new adhesive featuring a built-in cure indicator for appliance assembly and other industrial plastic-bonding applications.  3225-T-SC is a versatile, plastic-bonding adhesive formulated with DYMAX’s patented See-Cure technology.  This material is designed for rapid bonding, laminating, and sealing of most plastics such as PMMA (acrylic), PC, PVC, ABS, PA, PU, SAN, TPU, and aluminum.  It can also be considered for bonding glass, stainless steel, and brass substrates in combination with plastic substrates.  3225-T-SC is formulated to cure with DYMAX broad-spectrum curing equipment such as the BlueWave® 200 Spot Lamps, 5000-EC Flood Lamp(s)/UVCS Conveyor Systems, and the narrow-spectrum BlueWave® LED Prime UVA Spot Lamp.

3225-T-SC is colored bright blue in the uncured state.  The adhesive’s high visibility enables automated vision systems to confirm adhesive placement prior to the cure.  During the curing process, the blue color of the adhesive transitions to clear, and provides an obvious, visual confirmation that a full cure has been achieved.  3225-T-SC is designed to cure tack free and clear in appearance after exposure to DYMAX broad-spectrum curing equipment in <4 seconds at 200 mW/cm2 at 385 nm and in <3 seconds with the DYMAX BlueWave® LED Prime UVA system.

In addition to their headquarters in Torrington, DYMAX has locations in Germany, China, Hong Kong, and Korea which serve the assembly needs of the medical, electronic, optical, automotive, appliance, metal finishing, power generation, and industrial markets worldwide.

DYMAX Corporation is a leading technology-based company specializing in the formulation, manufacture, and service of advanced assembly adhesives, coatings, epoxies, masking resins, and light-curing systems.

For more information, contact DYMAX Corp., 318 Industrial Lane, Torrington, CT 06790; Phone: 860-482-1010; Fax: 860-496-0608; Toll Free: 1-877-DYMAX-UV (1-877-396-2988); e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit our website at

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