Dremel Announces New DigiLab 3D40 FLEX 3D Printer

To continue providing Makers and educators with the best in digital fabrication, Dremel has announced the debut of its newest 3D printer, the Dremel DigiLab 3D40 FLEX 3D Printer.

Designed for a truly seamless 3D printing experience, the 3D40 FLEX offers a variety of new features that make it quick and easy to create a range of prints for the classroom. Most notably, the 3D40 FLEX includes a flexible build plate to help make it much easier to remove parts after printing – one of the biggest challenges with most 3D printers today.

"We've seen a lot of use and success with our previous 3D printer models," Dremel President John Kavanagh said. "As we continue to learn about digital fabrication, it's important to introduce new innovations to better suit the classroom and makerspace settings. This is what led us to 3D40 FLEX."

To accommodate more users, the 3D40 FLEX also prints 30 percent faster in draft mode. This speed setting maximizes time with the printer, ideal for environments that require quick turnaround and continuous run time. The printer also features higher resolution capabilities to better print intricate features like arches, organic forms, small details, engravings and diagonals.

"The Dremel DigiLab 3D40 FLEX 3D Printer will help with complex and practical applications, perfect for educational usage," Kavanagh said. "It's a safe, reliable option for Makers of all ages and skill levels and incorporates a lot of smart design elements to enrich the experience."

Dremel DigiLab 3D40 FLEX 3D Printer Main Features at a Glance:

  • Flexible build plate for easy, safe removal of prints
  • 30 percent faster printing while in draft mode to maximize the utilization of the machine
  • 50 (.05mm) micron resolution to better print more intricate and detailed designs
  • Cloud-based printing software to easily maximize printer usage
  • UL-certified and rigorously tested to ensure safety
  • Ideal for classrooms and makerspaces that accommodate multiple users
  • Industry-best customer support that provides immediate assistance for any troubleshooting need

For educators interested in hands-on, project-based learning, Dremel has an education-focused offering featuring both the 3D40 FLEX and the Dremel DigiLab 3D45 3D Printer. In addition to the products, users receive access to a four-hour professional development course and 30 standard lesson plans for students ranging from third to 12th grade.

The Dremel DigiLab 3D40 FLEX will be available at select retailers and online this February (MSRP $1,299 USD).

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