Dow Corning Experts to Speak at European Coatings CONGRESS 2011

WHERE:    European Coatings CONGRESS 2011
Nuremberg, Germany

WHO:    Steve Block
Business Development manager
Dow Corning Corporation

WHEN:     March 29, 14:00-14:30
Session 15: Functional Materials

WHAT:    Advancement towards Clean Surfaces

Surfaces routinely touched in use are commonly contaminated with hard to remove fingerprints, skin oil, sweat, dirt and cosmetics. Continued developments in fluorosilicone chemically modified surfaces are targeting easy to clean and stay clean properties. Modified perfluoropolyether (PFPE) silanes exhibit high static and advancing water and oil contact angles while also exhibiting high receding contact angles which result in surfaces where the sliding contact angle is very low, achieving the desired properties. Improvements in PFPE silane polymer structure-property relationship and how application methods affect surface behavior will be discussed. PFPE silanes are suitable for use on many substrates including glass, plastic, metals and films and are designed to reduce fingerprints and dirt contamination. Providing long term, easy to clean performance and excellent durability for demanding high touch surface applications like handheld electronic devices, portable computer screens, automotive interiors and appliances are potential end uses for these materials.

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