Mori Seiki Announces Plans for North American Manufacturing

Mori Seiki is pleased to announce a new development initiative that would bring machine tool manufacturing to North America. Groundbreaking on the new plant in Davis, CA will take place on June 22, 2011.

Talks of development in the United States is based on the possibility of continuing decrease in the exchange rate between the US and Japan.  Dr. Masahiko Mori asserts, “If the value of the US dollar declines, it will become fiscally advantageous to manufacture machine tools in North America, eliminating the cost of importing from Japan.”  The addition of a new North American factory could be expected to offset any disparity in the exchange rate between the two currencies and would ensure Mori Seiki customers the continued quality, precision and value they have come to expect in their machine purchase.

Mori Seiki currently operates a total of four factories in the Nara, Mie and Chiba prefectures of Japan. The company’s prospective manufacturing presence in North America would build upon an existing overseas unit in Le Locle, Switzerland (DIXI Machines).  Mori Seiki acquired DIXI in 2007 to manufacture and market products under the DIXI brand, but also to expand its capacity in order to manufacture and sell Mori Seiki branded products.

The projected addition of a new North American factory would raise Mori Seiki's total monthly output capacity by approximately 100 units to slightly more than 900, preparing Mori Seiki for the anticipated global expansion of machine tool sales in the coming decade.

Manufacturing in the US would enhance the company’s existing infrastructure in North America.  Engineering operations are already established in the US at the Digital Technology Laboratories (DTL) in Davis, CA.  Software and machinery has been designed at DTL since 2000, when the group was launched.  Today, the group boasts over 80 employees; the creation of a North American manufacturing plant would create further opportunity for R&D collaboration in the US.

Mori Seiki remains focused not only on R&D and production, but also on installation and proper maintenance.  Mori Seiki’s recent launch of the Mori360 Total Support package in the United States and Canada highlights the company’s commitment to complete customer service.  Mr. Thomas R. Dillon, President of Mori Seiki USA, says “The integration of North American production into operations represents a continued effort to increase Mori Seiki machine tool value and total customer satisfaction.”

Dr. Masahiko Mori reinforces this statement, pledging that, “Relocating a plant abroad is not enough; we must provide the best in high-quality product, service and support to machine shops all over the world.”

Through this development, Mori Seiki would increase their presence both in the US market and globally.  Plant development and other key corporate arrangements have not yet been finalized.

Mori Seiki produces extremely reliable machine tools and distributes worldwide. The American headquarters is in Chicago with offices in Boston, Toronto, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Curitiba, Brazil, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Monterrey, Mexico, Mexico City, São Paulo, Brazil, Seattle and San Francisco.

For more about Mori Seiki and the products in the Mori Seiki line, visit:

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