Diabase Launches the H-Series Hybrid Machine

Diabase Engineering is proud to announce the release of the H-Series, ​a hybrid machine tool combining additive and subtractive capabilities in a single build environment. It is a novel lab-scale manufacturing system providing a broad range of new build strategies.

Diabase Engineering are the makers of the Flexion Extruder, a high performance printhead for the consumer 3D printing market. Up to 5 Flexion extruders can be housed on the tool changing system of the H-Series Machine. This configuration allows for mixed material printing of elastomers well-suited for footwear and other sporting goods applications. Rigid materials such as ABS, PETG, and Nylons are also easily processed. The H-Series is similar in form to a vertical machining center; the build environment is open and uncluttered to provide easy access for setup work. A range of workholding options allow for the use of round, rectangular, or sheet stock as raw material. Air-cooled spindles and coordinated 5-axis motion enable the use of advanced subtractive toolpaths. Other subsystems and attachments provide process environment control, scanning and measurement, nozzle cleaning and other functionalities.

The H-Series is not just an all-in-one machine; it is a set of truly useful capabilities that require its tight, responsive motion control system. Hybrid machine tool operation typically refers to rough additive manufacturing followed by subtractive cleanup. This process yields a good combination of low-waste, higher-throughput, accurate features, and high-quality surface finishes. However it also requires higher mass and stiffness of the machine for it to remain accurate under the significant vibrational tool loads. Hybrid operation also refers to the process of successive additive and subtractive steps. Starting with a sheet, slug, or other form of raw material, some features are machined from the stock, and others are sequentially added and subtractively smoothed. This strategy offers the enormous technical advantage of having predictable mechanical properties in at least a region of the finished part. Using this method with the H-Series also provides shorter build times, moving it beyond a prototyping tool into the realm of short run manufacturing.

As part of the “Early Adopter Program” Diabase Engineering is offering a discounted price on the first 100 units.

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