3D PDF Converter from Tetra 4D Selected Editor’s Pick of the Week by Desktop Engineering

Desktop Engineering announced that Tetra 4D's 3D PDF Converter software for creating interactive 3D PDF files from CAD data has been selected its Editor’s Pick of the Week for March 9, 2011.

“3D PDF Converter ... is like a digital document creation system,” says Anthony J. Lockwood, editor at large for Desktop Engineering. It “works as a toolbar selection inside of Adobe Acrobat X Pro, where it leverages all the features and functions of Acrobat X Pro [enabling it] to focus more or less exclusively on what needs to be done to make CAD data interactive 3D PDFs.”

“I mean data: PMI, assembly structure, meta data, views, and so forth,” explains Lockwood. “The key to 3D PDF Converter is its complementary standalone application called 3D Reviewer. With it, you can merge CAD models or move/delete parts [as well as] create animations and exploded assemblies. You can even pull a BOM together, generate cross sections, or whip up some mold calculations.”

“The cool thing about 3D PDF Converter is that it's not expensive,” says Lockwood. “3D PDF is cool stuff, and the people at Tetra 4D seem to be working at making it cooler for design and manufacturing engineers.”

Read the full Editor’s Pick of the Week at: Convert CAD Data into Interactive 3D PDFs

For more information visit: www.tetra4d.com/3D-PDF

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