Idea to Market - Design 1st featured on CNBC's 21st Century Business Television

Have you ever had a great product idea and wondered what to do next? A recent television segment on CNBC's 21st Century Business explored this topic through a featured interview with product development experts at Design 1st. From a napkin sketch or prototype, the Design 1st team creates engaging products for innovative entrepreneurs, start-ups and growing organizations seeking global markets.

Design 1st is the physical product design and engineering engine that companies in many industries hire to help transform technically challenging ideas into millions of dollars in sales, in under 3 years. Client companies include the We-Vibe; Christie M-series cinema projectors; Outdoor Wi-Fi Equipment for Belair Networks; ProDrive Systems dental turbines; Pliant Flash drives, a startup recently purchased by SANDISK for $325M and the latest in gesture displays by GestureTek.

Design 1st provides a range of design and engineering services including identifying intellectual property that creates business advantage. Success comes from fast time-to-market and differentiated product designs that maximize user experience value. Design 1st is well connected with hundreds of manufacturers around the world and has deep expertise in materials and manufacturing process knowledge.

Design 1st has an expert team of integrated Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineers who help inventors, start-ups and growing corporations bring new innovative products to market. Based in Ottawa, Canada, Design 1st has offices in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

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