Design 1st to be featured on 21st Century Business Television June 18, 2011

Nearly 60,000 thoughts travel through our minds each day. With those thoughts, some great ideas are produced. Bringing that idea to market is getting easier every year with experienced design engineering teams that work with you remotely to get products to market. Starting from a napkin sketch or prototype, the Design 1st team creates engaging products for innovative entrepreneurs, start-ups and growing organizations seeking global markets. Their product development experts, processes and tools are available to turn your ideas into market-ready products.

Design 1st is the design engine behind multiple companies in widely different industries going from the idea to millions of dollars in sales in under 3 years. Companies including the We-Vibe® from Standard Innovation; Christie M-series™- next-generation cinema projectors; the outdoor network that connects you on the beach at your Caribbean resort – BelAir Outdoor Wireless Base Station family; ProDrive Systems - dental replacement turbines; Pliant Enterprise Flash drives - a startup 2008 recently purchased by SANDISK for $325M; the interactive displays for public interactive spaces - Gesturetek GestDisplay™ and GestTable™; the infant tags that track your baby in a hospital - Stanley Healthcare Pedz™ Tag and Securaband™, plus many more.

Design 1st provides a range of services related to bringing a product to market including securing intellectual property for products that will create business advantage by differentiating themselves from their competition through maximum user experience and value, competitive pricing and faster time-to-market. Well connected with hundreds of manufacturers around the world, Design 1st provides robust development processes, a depth of expertise in the selection of materials, components and part design to meet production requirements and achieve low cost. For more than 30 new clients each year, Design 1st is at the center of transforming clients’ innovation into useful, marketable products.

Design 1st is a product development company with a team of highly talented designers and engineers that work closely together to provide product design for large organizations and start-up ventures looking for an outsourced expert design engineering team to bring new, innovative products to market. Originally from a global telecommunications multinational, the senior team has a strong project management background and 25+ years working with creative people worldwide, using remote interaction techniques and leading-edge tools required for successful product development. Working with clients’ engineering, marketing and business teams, Design1st manages detailed design, prototyping, verification testing and documentation. Based in Ottawa, Canada, Design 1st has offices in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

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