PartMaker Modeling to Debut at Westec 2012

Delcam’s PartMaker Division will launch PartMaker Modeling on booth 2812 at the Westec exhibition to be held in Los Angeles from 27th to 29th March.  PartMaker Modeling has been made available as part of the recently released PartMaker 2012, which will make its West Coast debut at the exhibition.

PartMaker Modeling is a 3D design tool developed specifically for the needs of CNC manufacturers.  It lets users create, repair and modify 3D CAD data of any origin or level of quality and make flawless solid models they can use for the most efficient level of machining, CNC programming and 3D simulation.

"The engineering demands being faced by part manufacturers are becoming greater and greater in today’s increasingly competitive global manufacturing arena,” says PartMaker Division President, Hanan Fishman.  "To help our customers compete and thrive, we are providing them with a powerful yet easy-to-use tool to help them keep pace with these demands.”

PartMaker Modeling is a hybrid modeler working with surfaces and solids.  It incorporates Parasolid™, the world’s most widely used solid modelling kernel, to provide high quality solid models that can be used at any level of the supply chain.

PartMaker Modeling gives PartMaker users the most powerful 3D design tool of any PC-based CAD system, allowing for 3D modelling, direct modelling of dumb solid models and data repair in a manner other CAM systems simply do not and cannot offer.

PartMaker Modeling is a very easy to use, yet versatile and powerful CAD system, delivering state-of-the-art tools directly to the desktop.  It is based on Delcam’s proven PowerSHAPE 3D design package and has been specifically tuned to the needs of part manufacturers.

PartMaker Modeling integrates seamlessly with PartMaker.  3D models can be quickly cut and pasted between the applications.  PartMaker Modeling is developed and supported directly by Delcam, making Delcam a ‘one stop’ solution for customers’ CNC programming and design applications, eliminating the need to hunt for multiple CAD and CAM vendors or to pay multiple maintenance agreements.

In addition to PartMaker Modeling, PartMaker 2012 includes a host of new functionality across the entire suite of applications including improved visualization, more powerful simulation of vertical and horizontal machining centers, support for the latest breed of multi-axis bar-fed mills, turn-mill centers and Swiss-type lathes, greater flexibility and control in process development and much, much more.

"PartMaker 2012 will help our customers continue to ‘raise their game’ to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive manufacturing landscape,” says Mr. Fishman.  "PartMaker 2012 includes an array of new features and functionality that will benefit every PartMaker user.  There’s just so much for PartMaker users to be excited about.”

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