PartMaker Looks to Close the “Skills Gap” in Advanced Manufacturing

Today’s jobs situation seems to be a tail of two markets. On one hand, nationwide unemployment is hovering near record highs at over 9%. On the other hand, advanced CNC manufacturers are having a hard time finding the skilled help they need to meet customer demands in the face of increased part complexity, reduced lot sizes and shorter lead times.  While many leading trade magazines tout the benefits of multi-tasking Turn-Mill Centers and Swiss-type lathes, actual end users of these machines are finding harder and harder to find the skilled personnel to take advantage of the productivity benefits these machines have to offer.

“Catch phrases like ‘done in one’, ‘dropping the part complete’ and ‘one hit machining’ are becoming more and more common in the industry,” says PartMaker Inc. division President Hanan Fishman.  “However, while the machines capable of achieving these results are becoming more common place, the skills to take advantage of the unique benefits multi-tasking equipment are becoming harder to find. As a result, we here at PartMaker are bringing our unique resources to help manufacturers get more out of their multi-tasking Turn-Mill Centers and Swiss-type lathes by offering our training services for free or at reduced cost.”

The PartMaker Inc. division of Delcam Plc wants to do all it can to help close this skills gap by offering free or reduced cost training on its software. Free classroom training for one student will be provided to any new or existing customer ordering over $10,000 worth of software.  For customers only wish to be trained, PartMaker Inc. will offer a 20% discount to its standard training rates.  To take advantage of this offer, customers need only place their order in 2011, but can actually take the training in 2012 if they wish.

Training on PartMaker CAM software for multi-axis Turn-Mill and Swiss applications is as unique as the software itself.  Training classes are specifically focused on the issues related to multi-axis turning.  All classes are taught by PartMaker’s application engineers, engineers with decades of combined experience in CAD/CAM applications and practical CNC programming.

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