Delcam launches multi-lingual CAM learning zone for FeatureCAM 2011

Delcam has launched a multi-lingual learning zone for the 2011 version of its FeatureCAM feature-based CAM system.  This includes full details on the new release, including What’s New videos from expert Application Engineers and customer testimonials, plus the option to download a trial version.  The learning zone can be found at

Languages included on the learning zone are English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Polish and Czech.  This reflects the range of languages in which FeatureCAM is available.

FeatureCAM 2011 incorporates support for 64-bit computers, improved data exchange from a wider range of design software, the ability to use stock models and new strategies across the complete program, from turning to five-axis machining.  The program also features a more modern interface to make programming easier than ever.  All these developments will ensure that FeatureCAM retains the leadership in programming speed and ease of use it has held since its launch in 1995, when it was the world’s first feature-based programming system.

FeatureCAM 2011 gives you:

64-Bit support, enabling you • to work with extremely large data sets without running out of memory

• Improved memory management, leading to a 10% speed improvement in all areas
• Faster opening of project files, letting you get to work quicker
• Better, faster macros, with over 100 language enhancements
• Improved dual monitor support

Automatic Chamfering & De-burring

Parts with sharp corners typically require manual deburring after machining. This can be a tedious and time-consuming process, adding to production time and costs. Automatic deburring, which is available for both 2.5D milling and turning, overcomes this problem. FeatureCAM detects every position at which a sharp corner exists in the model, and creates a chamfering operation to remove the burr.

• Does not require any changes to the CAD model
• Uses Automatic Feature Recognition
• Finds all accessible edges
• Uses the currently selected tool to prevent gouging on internal corners

Z axis indexing
FeatureCAM now has the ability to index about the Z axis when 2.5D and 3D surface milling (for example, using a rotary table laying flat on a vertical milling machine).

This allows users to mill parts that, even though they exceed the travel of the machine in one particular direction, can be machined either in stages by using a table that indexes around the Z axis, or by milling in one direction whilst continuously rotating the table around its axis.

Another benefit of Z axis indexing is that the orientation of a multi-axis head-head machine can also be indexed to avoid colliding with a parts on the table.

Stock Model
FeatureCAM’s stock model shows you exactly what your part will look like at any stage of machining. This allows you to precisely machine the material that needs to be removed, letting you plan your strategies even more efficiently. Stock models can be created from:

• Multiple setups in any orientation
• STL models of cast or pre-formed parts
• Z-Level roughing strategies (more to be available soon)

What’s New?

User Interface Update

FeatureCAM has undergone a facelift, with a brand new look. Larger, clearer forms make the program easier to learn and to use. The new look includes:

• New icons for all major functions
• Re-designed, easier to understand images for all forms
• User-selectable ‘themes’ for the whole interface

No-drag Turning
Users now have the option to turn passes for faces and diameters as separate operations. Faces are always machined toward the axis of the part, while diameters are consistently machined toward the chuck. This strategy produces:

• Improved surface finish due to less tool drag
• Better clearance of chips during cutting
• Longer tool life by reducing friction
• Cost savings due to increased tool life

3D Lite

For users wishing to add 3D functionality, the new 3D Lite provides a cost-effective solution. Combining FeatureCAM’s powerful and easy-to-use 2.5D milling with new single surface 3D milling capabilities, 3D Lite extends the range of parts that can be machined quickly and efficiently. With 3D-Lite you can use any these strategies on a single surface of any shape:

• Z Level roughing
• Parallel roughing
• Parallel finishing
• Isoline (flow-line) finishing
• 2D spiral finishing

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