Windform GF 2.0 - New additive manufacturing material from CRP Technology

CRP Technology, leader in the field of Additive manufacturing for more than 15 years, is pleased to present the new Windform® GF 2.0, the evolutionary new and improved substitute for Windform® GF, one of the most utilized first generation and “entry level” materials, together with Windform XT.

Windform® GF 2.0 is a composite material made of polyamide filled with glass and aluminium which is used for the production of various parts and components. In terms of performance, Windform® GF 2.0 shows a significant improvement in the HDT (almost +8%), that is, the heat deflection temperature as well as an increase in the values of tensile strength and elongation strength, therefore offering greater ductility than the previous version and excellent mechanical properties per unit of density, thanks to its lighter weight.

On an aesthetic level, Windform® GF 2.0 maintains and enhances the light grey colour and glossy metallic appearance. This aesthetic factor makes it particularly suitable for design and wind tunnel applications as its brighter look is even more evident. Moreover, of great importance, is the improvement in detail reproduction, which makes Windform® GF 2.0 particularly suitable for applications which require accurate and superior surface definition and excellent reproduction of even the finest details.

The new Windform® GF 2.0 is now available for the production of parts and can also be purchased directly in the powder form. Nevertheless, CRP Technology’s initiatives don’t end here. Among the services developed by the company from Modena, specializing in Additive manufacturing technology, we find the professional metallization and painting service for Windform prototypes. The prototyping department of CRP Technology is now able to offer an extra service to its customers. The metallization and painting create an impressive effect. Above all they are necessary for products which need to be aesthetically pleasing. The applications of these two treatments can be diverse, from the automotive industry to industrial design. The goal is to have a product with the performance of Windform materials together and be aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

Standard production times are approximately 4 working days in addition to the time it takes to assemble the prototypes. In regards to the painting, CRP Technology has a suction bench to provide painted prototypes of a medium size (500X500mm) for presentations, product launches, exhibitions and assembly testing in general. If requested by the client and depending on the RAL color, CRP Technology is able to deliver the prototypes already painted, depending on the available RAL colors. When it comes to the painting, the applications are numerous, from industrial design to consumer products, for example childrens’ toys and in general all items produced which have an aesthetic function.

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