CRP Technology Announces Windform SP Material

CRP Technology is launching a new state-of-the-art material in the field of polyamide based materials: Windform SP.  Its superior characteristics make it the ideal partner for a series of applications, not just for the motorsport industry. Windform® SP is a composite polyamide based carbon filled material characterised by deep black colour and it can be considered a “Top” level material within the polyamide Windform® materials for 3D Printing and additive manufacturing.

CRP Technology, leader in the field of 3D printing and additive manufacturing for more than 15 years, is pleased to present this new material which has excellent mechanical properties. In addition it has the advantage of increased resistance to shocks, vibrations and deformations; this material shows increases in impact strength and elongation at break. Moreover the Windform® SP retains its excellent thermal properties and resistance to high temperature. On an aesthetic level, Windform® SP enhances the black colour. This aesthetic factor makes it particularly suitable for design applications too. Another important element of this material is represented by its waterproof properties and therefore its resistance to absorption of liquids and moisture.

Moreover, the new material is also suitable to create reliable prototypes and is perfect for functional applications in motorsports, automotive (suitable for example for components under the hood, such as intake manifolds), Air (components for UAV , Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and aerospace design, since it allows applications fully functional as well as dyno tests, track tests and development of pre-serie parts. The new Windform® SP is now available for the production of parts and can also be purchased directly in the powder form.

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