Concepts Releases Version 5 of Design Software for iOS

Concepts announces the release of Concepts 5, fully integrating with Apple’s iOS 11 for enhanced workflow and performance. The design application’s powerful combination of vector math and traditional tools like pencil, copic markers and watercolor allows creatives to explore complex ideas naturally and design professionally on a mobile device.

Concepts 5 features:

  • Full support of iOS 11’s Drag & Drop, allowing users to drag images, text and colors between apps on the iPad or iPhone
  • Natural and organic vector tools that are beautiful and infinitely adjustable
  • An infinite canvas allows stretching as far as ideas will go, with the flexibility to move those ideas as they grow and mature
  • Deep canvas and tool customization with a simple interface, including customizable color palettes, color mixing and tool presets
  • High resolution exports for every professional outcome, including formats like PNG, SVG, DXF and PDF
  • New accounts allow you to sync tools, objects and color palettes across devices
  • New subscription option includes live asset sharing and synchronization of tools, objects and color palettes between teammates and colleagues, and open access to every feature in app

"We’re constantly pushing for the best experience possible so people can design faster and more focused than ever before,” said Ben Merrill, CEO of TopHatch and creator of Concepts. “Version 5 provides designers with deeper customization, a simpler experience, and careful integration with the latest technologies in iOS 11. With 18 months of feedback from designers to guide us, we’ve created the most advanced and flexible design app on the market. Our goal is to make it easy for people to design from anywhere and stay connected with their clients and teams.”

Concepts is popular with designers across the globe, including architects, illustrators, creative directors and interior designers. "I use Concepts more than any other tool. I absolutely love it,” said Yarrow Cheney, American production designer, visual effects artist, director and animator. “The natural, fluid, vector-based workflow is so easy to use, but incredibly powerful. The technology never gets in the way of creativity. The fast and clean user experience makes it a joy to use."


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