Concept Laser Establishes USA Subsidiary in Texas

Concept Laser, a pioneer in the field of laser melting with metals, announced the establishment of its new USA subsidiary located in Dallas, Texas.  Ongoing developments and demand for LaserCUSING systems in the USA over the last 2 to 3 years have led to the strategic placement of its new office.  To manage the new operation and provide a strong partnership with headquarters in Germany, John Murray was named CEO of the newly formed Concept Laser Inc.

"As our global customer base continues to grow, our strategy of expanding the geographic development of our company is of great benefit to our customers based in the USA and Canada,” said Frank Herzog, President and CEO, Concept Laser GmbH. “As demand for LaserCUSING systems expand across the globe, we are excited to see the expansion of our team.  This has been a highly anticipated moment for Concept Laser, as well as the Hofmann Innovation Group.  Our long-term strategy and vision for the company are coming to fruition.  We are equally thrilled to announce John Murray as the CEO for Concept Laser Inc.  John brings a tremendous wealth of additive manufacturing knowledge and customer-centric traits that we admire and know will continue to provide strong support and innovative solutions to our customers.  Establishing an office in the USA is just the first step as part of our long-term vision for Concept Laser.”

US markets are developing dynamically with regard to additive manufacturing.  The primary drivers continue to come from the aerospace industry.  The US aerospace sector systematically “calibrates” its manufacturing strategies toward additive approaches like no other country in the world.  Other important segments of the US industry, such as automotive, medical technology and advanced tooling are now in the process of adapting the new possibilities created by additive manufacturing.

“Concept Laser GmbH has built a strong alliance with their customers in the USA and Canada within the aerospace and medical industries and continue to be dedicated to providing the most innovative, structurally sound, additive manufacturing technology available on the market for metals,” said John Murray, CEO, Concept Laser Inc.  “It is a great honor to continue the efforts and build a strong team in the USA. With Concept Laser’s 100% focus on metals, I am extremely impressed with the company’s ability to focus on long-term technical strategies that benefit our customers and push the boundaries of the technology.

“With almost  50 LaserCUSING systems already installed in the USA, the Dallas office will manage ongoing consulting, support, training, application development and sales,” continued Murray.  “We are committed to further developing our support to our customers by continuing to build our team with talented technicians and applications experts in specific fields.  Since Concept Laser is driven by technology, not ‘capital,’ we reinvest our revenue in fields of the future and focus our product development and R&D on solutions that will continue to revolutionize the way we manufacture products.”

“We expect the US-based business to continue to grow,” continued Herzog.  “As John will focus on USA and Canada, we will continue to build our European markets and focus on engineering development and manufacturing.  Additionally, we will continue to strengthen our regional activities in China, and the Ningbo office, to ensure shorter pathways to the customer in all three important industrial regions of the triad. With our headquarters serving the European market, our new office in the USA, and an established branch office in China, we are now active in three significant regions around the world.”

The new office is located at:

Concept Laser Inc.
1000 Texan Trail, Suite 150
Grapevine, Texas, 76051 USA

John Murray joined Concept Laser GmbH in 2013 to develop and expand Concept Laser’s world-class additive metals platforms (3D Printing) in North American and Canada.  Prior to joining Concept Laser, Murray was Vice President, Client Services for Solidiform Inc., a leading-edge supplier of investment and sand castings for the aerospace industry.  In addition, Murray held the positions of Global Account Manager for Aerospace and Defense with Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corp; Vice President, Sales for Idealab (Desktop Factory); and Senior Director, Global Business Development for Motorsports and Aerospace with 3D Systems.

Concept Laser is a member of the Hofmann Innovation Group.  The Group further consists of Siegfried Hofmann GmbH, Robert Hofmann GmbH and other subsidiaries worldwide.  Concept Laser is the pioneer in the field of generative metal laser fusing technology since its founding in 2000.  The LaserCUSING process allows the additive manufacturing of direct components, tool inserts, prototypes and low-volume product run parts for the jewelry, medical, dental, automotive, and aerospace industries.  LaserCUSING systems from Concept Laser process powder materials made from stainless steel, hot work tool steels, cobalt-chromium alloy, nickel-base alloy and reactive powder materials such as aluminum and titanium, as well as precious metals such as gold and silver alloys.

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