CIMdata to Host Free Webinar on Managing PLM Solution and Data Obsolescence

CIMdata, Inc. announces an upcoming free educational webinar, "Managing PLM Solution and Data Obsolescence." The webinar will take place on August 10, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. (EDT).

Managing the risks associated with PLM solution and data obsolescence within the Aerospace & Defense (A&D) industry, and other industries, is a large and growing problem. The long lifespan of products and the large volume of complex data with complex relationships mean that the product data will need to transition through several generations of IT solutions. The resulting risks include significant expenses when PLM solutions need to be upgraded and data integrity risks when technology architecture changes and updates are applied. To address these risks, the CIMdata administered A&D PLM Action Group, an association of like-minded OEMs who have joined forces to remediate their common pain points, assigned a cross-industry team to identify the causes and potential remedies. This webinar will provide a high-level review of the obsolescence research and the requirements that the team addresses to PLM solution providers.

According to the webinar host, CIMdata's Director for Aerospace & Defense, James Roche, "A&D OEMs will no longer tolerate the escalating cost and risk of data loss associated with a PLM technology refresh. Within the A&D PLM Action Group, industry leaders have collaborated to deliver an initial set of architecture principles and requirements to the software providers for provisioning more sustainable PLM solutions. While the heavy cost and risk of PLM technology refresh in A&D crystalized in funded action within that industry, the resulting architectural principles and requirements are applicable across industries."

Mr. Roche has over 30 years of experience in transformation and IT enablement of product development and manufacturing processes. He has been a strategic advisor and program manager for PLM programs across the United States, Europe, and Asia. Before joining CIMdata Mr. Roche was a PLM Practice Manager at CSC Consulting and at A.T. Kearney. He was also at EDS, where served as the chief architect for General Motors' worldwide engineering systems and as head technical negotiator for strategic supplier contracts.

For this webinar, Mr. Roche will be joined by CIMdata's practice manager for PLM Enterprise Value & Integration, Tom Gill. Mr. Gill has over 25 years of experience applying computer-based solutions to engineering and manufacturing. Before joining CIMdata he worked as an independent PLM consultant, after spending over 20 years at high-volume manufacturing companies. Mr. Gill has worked on projects in numerous industries, including fabrication & assembly, food & beverage, defense, chemical, and medical devices. He has executed PLM strategy projects, solution evaluation-and-selection projects, deployment planning, and training development for industrial clients.

The webinar will be an hour long and will consider: the negative consequences of PLM technology obsolescence, insights into the root causes, the goals this group of A&D industry leaders has set for remediation of the consequences of obsolescence and their approach towards achieving them, the major causes and mitigation methods available for managing obsolescence, an integration strategy and architecture principles that can be adopted, and the high-level requirements and compliance expectations that are being promoted to PLM software providers.

The webinar will be useful to PLM program and project leaders, PLM program and project planners, product development managers and team leaders, PLM data retention and LOTAR specialists, product development collaboration managers, product development collaboration process planners, corporate IT and IT support planners, PLM IT and IT support planners, and anyone wanting to learn more about managing data obsolescence.

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