CHINAPLAS 2017, Asia's plastics and rubber trade fair, is an end-user-oriented trade fair focusing on “Intelligent Manufacturing, High-tech Materials and Green Solutions”. Since its debut in 1983, CHINAPLAS has been dedicated to satisfying the demands of customers in the key end markets, including automotive, building and construction, packaging, electrical and electronics, information technology, telecommunications and medical. The last edition of CHINAPLAS successfully welcomed 148,575 visitors, among which 39,454 were overseas visitors from over 160 countries and regions. As an influential event, CHINAPLAS always strives to present state-of-the-art technology and products that can be used to help companies in those industries to innovate and operate more efficiently, sustainably and competitively.

A showcase for high-performance automotive materials

In recent years, the percentage of plastics used in a car has become one of the essential measures for technological advancement. The automotive industry is increasingly incorporating various polymers — especially engineering plastics that offer key properties and performance benefits, such as low density, good melt flow rate, heat resistance and excellent noise dampening. Materials with molded-in color, as well as carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastics and low-VOC resins have all become hot topics in the industry. With the continuing development of electric vehicles, high-performance materials are finding use in charging piles and interior circuit controls of vehicles. CHINAPLAS 2017 will offer international visitors plenty of examples of the latest in these types of materials and applications. Exhibitors also will be showing the latest in laser processing technology and automated, integrated production line.

Advanced materials embrace building & construction industry

Lightweight, flexible, durable and easy-to-ship plastics also are extensively used in building and construction today. Considering the demands on aesthetic appearance and utility, experts in this industry are exploring applications for all types of advanced materials, from liquid crystal polymers and nano-materials to modified graphene EPS. Examples of all such materials are expected to be on prominent display at CHINAPLAS 2017.

Plastics and 3D printing to promote medical industry

Certain modified plastics offer excellent biocompatibility and have to drive the medical industry’s rapid development. At CHINAPLAS 2017, suppliers of healthcare materials such as silicone rubber, bio-safe resins, and new polymers that offer good resistance to gamma rays will all be on show. The medical industry also has been an enthusiastic adopter of 3D printing equipment/technology and of wearable technology. CHINAPLAS 2017 will launch a “3D Technology Subzone” offering the latest in additive manufacturing technologies, equipment, and materials. It is a must-see zone for experts from the medical and other industries.

Green packaging to be on stage at CHINAPLAS 2017

Environmentally friendly packaging is a global hot topic when talking about sustainable development. The packaging industry tends to adopt lightweight, thin films, degradable materials, and package constructions that resist water, oxygen, air and ultraviolet rays. Exhibitors at the show will be displaying examples of all such materials for the packaging industry. In addition, packaging related machinery and automation equipment will be center stage, to include injection molding and extrusion technologies that deliver high-barrier end products, automatic detection equipment, and multilayer film technology.

Multifunctional plastics for electrical & electronics products

The electrical and electronics industries are always seeking higher-performance, lightweight materials that offer excellent toughness and mechanical strength, high temperature resistance and good insulating properties. As a result, engineering plastics are becoming the material of choice for this sector. With end users requesting more from these products, the materials chosen need to be multifunctional, to include antibacterial and self-cleaning properties, good resistance to heat and cold, high elasticity, and even fingerprint resistance. Visitors to the fair can expect to find a full range of such multifunctional polymers on display.

Green solutions enable sustainable manufacturing

The year 2016 was marked by global efforts to move toward a more sustainable society. With the United Nations’ announcement of 17 sustainable development goals agreed by world leaders, reducing the impact of man and manufacturing on the environment has been topping many global development agendas. Manufacturing industry has no other viable strategic option than to adopt green solutions as it moves forward. Given such international economic circumstances, CHINAPLAS 2017 will bring together and highlight a series of green solutions, such as advanced equipment that can achieve zero VOC emissions; and degradable and recyclable materials that enable lightweight, multifunctional and low-carbon products. The show’s “Recycling Technology Zone” will continue to present to visitors with an abundant selection of best practices related to energy saving and environmental protection.

The first globally launched, solvent-free rotogravure printing machine, developed by Zhongshan Sotech Printing Machinery, will make its debut at CHINAPLAS 2017. This printing machine finds use in the manufacturing of flexible packaging, and in the packaging of food and beverage products, daily chemical products and medical supplies. It enables manufacturers to eliminate VOCs. Its manufacturer reports that this equipment uses cold light to solidify colored inks without the need for solvents and VOCs. Zhangjiagang Xinbei Machinery will show a plastic waste shredder with multiple uses, as it can be used to help recycle pipes, lumps and rubber with a magnetic separating system. With further improvement, the equipment can also be applied to the shredding and recycling of soft materials such as thin films, bags and filaments.

High-performance new materials pave the way for innovation

International plastics and rubber industries are developing quickly, and benefiting from a globally growing end-user market with high quality demands. A series of new, high-performance materials will be on display during CHINAPLAS 2017, including but not limited to composites as well as other new materials that feature high strength, high barrier properties, good transparency, steaming and boiling resistance, UV resistance, anti-bacterial properties and biodegradability. Such performance factors lend themselves to advancing the trends of lightweighting automobiles, thinner and lighter consumer electronic devices, improved food safety, and reduced carbon footprints in building and construction.

At CHINAPLAS 2017, which enjoys a well-earned reputation as an innovation platform, visitors can get a first glimpse of a wealth of excellent new materials that contribute significantly to reducing vehicle weight. Solvay’s high-performance polyamide resin Technyl REDx, for example, is helping to make automotive driveline systems more efficient. In addition, compounder China XD will showcase its straw-filled polypropylene material XDPPSTR-03LQ19005, which not only offers a reduced carbon footprint during production, but also aids with lightweighting in various automotive applications.

Intelligent equipment equips smart manufacturing

Intelligent manufacturing will still be the dominant theme of CHINAPLAS 2017. Based on the successful experience of the “Automation Technology Zone” in the show’s past two editions, the area has been renamed the “Smart Manufacturing Technology Zone” and reshaped to help address the industry’s avid interest today in intelligent manufacturing.

That section of the show floor will feature a full range of new technologies and products, including mechanical arms, robots, automated systems, controllers, actuators and sensors. International visitors seeking high-quality, integrated solutions to their smart manufacturing challenges will not be disappointed. And they will find more cutting-edge technology in the “3D Technology Subzone”, where 3D printers, 3D scanners, 3D printing software and 3D printing services will be displayed.

Exhibitors in this segment will demonstrate impressive innovations to satisfy the most sophisticated of buyers and help them to cope with international competition. Amongst them, Guangdong Topstar Technology will feature its small-load robot with world-leading EtherCAT bus control technology, offering high speed and high precision. Dong Guan Cangming 3D Tech, meanwhile, will showcase its metal 3D printing, light-curing 3D printing and 3D bio-printing. Many more exhibitors are well-prepared to display their latest and greatest technologies at CHINAPLAS 2017 and welcome a host of visitors from end-user markets throughout the world.

CHINAPLAS 2017 will take place from 16-19 May 2017 at the China Import and Export Fair Complex, Pazhou, Guangzhou, PR China. To enjoy free admission and other benefits, please pre-register by 1 March 2017.

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