ChemCubed & Direct Color Systems Introduce ElectroUV3D Printer

Direct Color Systems® has joined forces with additive manufacturing newcomer, ChemCubed, to release the next generation in UV LED flatbed inkjet printers. The ElectroUV3D printers allow users to print conductive liquids to conductive, support, and insulating materials.

With the fine detail deposition of conductive liquids and available options to print directly to PCB boards and low temperature sintering, it has never been easier to print single or multi-layer electronic components.

Many of the features that have made the Direct Jet UV LED printer models the ideal solution for UV LED ink printing are available for printing conductive liquids with the ElectroUV3D line of printers. New features include ChemCubed jettable liquids, multi-layer processes, and electronic component printing.

“We are very excited about the opportunity that this release provides to our industry,” says Dan Slep, Chief Technology Officer for ChemCubed. “The ChemCubed jettable liquids are calibrated to print with this system and provide better resolution than mechanical and lamination processes.”

ChemCubed opened its research laboratory in the Advanced Energy Center located on Stony Brook University's campus.

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