CGTrader partners up with 3D Systems for the Art Challenge

The community­ based 3D model marketplace CGTrader and the pioneering 3D printing company 3D Systems have teamed up to bring digital content creators an art challenge, striving to refill 3D designers’ creative well with fresh ideas.

It’s already clear that 3D printing will disrupt a wide range of different industries, everything from medicine to military. And yet, when analysts turn their gaze to art, it’s an entirely different story. In art, 3D printing is a fantastic tool allowing creatives to encapsulate their visions and create new experiences for the end user. However, its aim is not to revolutionize or hijack the creative process, but to supplement the art field as a technological advancement, giving designers and artists the sole ingredient required for ground­breaking creative product ­freedom and means to materialize any idea.

Having recently celebrated a major 100,000th user milestone, CGTrader is focused on offering its growing community a well­ rounded experience that includes all essential aspects from unique challenges to exclusive sales data.  This time, joining forces with one of the biggest market players 3D Systems, known for its innovative and pioneering approach to technology, the company hopes to inject some inspiration into the 3D printed art field.

Marius Kalytis, the founder and CEO of CGTrader said: “The vast sea of opportunities made possible with the adoption of 3D printing is even more promising when this technology lands in the hands of 3D artists.  We are exceptionally excited about the art  challenge because we’ve partnered with 3D Systems, one of the market leaders, and that should send a strong message to all participants. Conventional designs won’t do this time.”

The challenge focuses on bringing art closer to home, so all designs that explore the ways people can artsy up their living space will be accepted: think furniture, wall art, sculpture, product design or home decor. Among other valuable prizes, the winner of the best portfolio category will be awarded the amazing CubePro printer (worth $2,799) and the creator of the best model will receive the 3Doodler pen.

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