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CGTrader launched a big 3D Challenge: Designer Schwag - with a prize pool of 6000 USD in cash and additional 1500 USD in subscriptions, and as much as this sounds like a typical design challenge with a great prize pool, this has something more in it.

Though the theme of the competition is broad and many different objects could qualify, the technical requirements are rather specific and should be carefully taken into consideration. The goal of this challenge is to create 3D models that would work well with a new beta from Adobe called Project Felix and for use in the Adobe Stock 3D collection. Project Felix makes it easy for graphic designers to composite 2D and 3D assets to mock-up product shots, scene visualizations and brand concepts. With that in mind, this challenge could get your 3D models in front of a whole new community of designers.

Dalia Lasaite, the CEO of CGTrader, says that this challenge is a unique opportunity for both the CGTrader and Adobe design communities. “We believe that Project Felix is a breakthrough idea. Text as a form of communication has evolved to incorporate images and 3D is a great next step in this evolution. Text, as a form of communication, has already been replaced by images, and the next step in this evolution is 3D. In this transition, transfer of knowledge and simplification of modelling or usage processes, will be the key, so we are excited to help the project at the same time broadening audience for our community.”

Join 3D Challenge: Designer Schwag before August 10th and get an opportunity to become a contributor to the Adobe Stock 3D marketplace with no additional work on your end.

Monday, 18 January 2016 15:16

CGTrader Announces Fashion 3D Print Challenge

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Awards & Prizes

There are two categories of awards in this challenge. Both best model and best portfolio category will have one winner and one runner-up.

Best 3D Printing Fashion Model

For the 1st place winner

  • MBot Grid II+ SH Printer by Mbot3D
  • LIX pen by LIX
  • 1 Reel of Innoflex 45, 1 Reel of Innoflex 60, 2 Reels of PLA or PET or ABS (chosen by the winner) by Innofil3D
  • 3 free sales by CGTrader
  • T-shirt by CGTrader

For the 1st runner-up

  • 1 Reel of Innoflex 45 or Innoflex 60, 1 Reel of PLA or PET or ABS (chosen by the winner) by Innofil3D
  • 1 free sale by CGTrader
  • T-shirt by CGTrader

Best 3D Printing Fashion Portfolio

For the 1st place winner

  • MBot Grid II+ SH Printer by Mbot3D
  • LIX pen by LIX
  • 1 Reel of Innoflex 45, 1 Reel of Innoflex 60, 2 Reels of PLA or PET or ABS (chosen by the winner) by Innofil3D
  • 3 free sales by CGTrader
  • T-shirt by CGTrader

For the 1st runner-up

  • 1 Reel of Innoflex 45 or Innoflex 60, 1 Reel of PLA or PET or ABS (chosen by the winner) by Innofil3D
  • 1 free sale by CGTrader
  • T-shirt by CGTrader


The judging of the challenge will be performed by CGTrader staff. Winners will be chosen following the requirements below

Best 3D Printing Fashion Challenge Model

  • Quality of the 3D Printing in Fashion World 2016 challenge model
  • Uniqueness, innovation, and general achievement in design of 3D Printing in Fashion World 2016 Challenge model
  • Clear and attractive presentation on

Best 3D Printing Fashion Challenge Portfolio

  • Quality of the 3D Printing in Fashion World 2016 challenge portfolio
  • Uniqueness, innovation, and general achievement in design of the 3D Printing in Fashion World 2016 Challenge portfolio
  • Clear and attractive presentation on

Things you must know

  • 3D Printing in Fashion World 2016 Challenge will run from the 14th of January, 2016, to the 14th of March, 2016.
  • Only Models uploaded during the challenge time are considered as entries in the competition.
  • When uploading your entry be sure to check "fashion-challenge" to get your model tagged and counted to the challenge.
  • Cool renderings are optional but we will definitely consider this when judging.

Things you should know

  • Designs uploaded to the gallery are not treated as valid entries.
  • Upon joining this challenge, you agree that your rendering scene might be used by sponsors for marketing (non commercial!) purposes.
  • You can have as much entry models as you want. By uploading more than 8 entry models you are eligible to enter Portfolio category too.
  • The challenge is open to everyone, including teams, legal entities and people from all over the world.
  • Participating in the challenge and uploading 3D models to CGTrader platform is free of charge.
  • All the entries must be original and not derivable.
  • Employees and relatives of CGTrader and sponsor teams are not allowed to participate in this challenge.
  • Any existing taxes or duties must be paid by the winner. CGTrader is not responsible for any illegal actions taken by the prize winners.
  • We are independent sheriffs of this challenge, so stick to the rules and don't do anything stupid.
  • Got some questions? Have suggestions? Check for FAQ or drop us a line at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

For more information or to enter, visit:

Microsoft is preloading the 3D Builder printing app with Windows 10 and turned to in search for the final exquisite 3D model to complete its selection. They are looking for a 3D model specifically designed for testing and benchmarking 3D printers that will help users check the results for accuracy and deviations.

“We are delighted to launch the 3D modeling challenge in partnership with Microsoft. We believe it’s a strong signal for the whole 3D printing movement,” said Dalia Lasaite, CEO of “Our community members get an exclusive opportunity to have their work seen by millions of Windows 10 users.”

Models will be judged by CGTrader staff and Emmett Lalish, Senior Mechanical Engineer at Microsoft, experienced in 3D Printing, giving CGTrader’s designers full confidence to experiment with 3D concepts while sticking to the highest quality standards.

Designers are encouraged to follow the strict technical requirements to ensure a smooth 3D printing experience for the app users. The winner will be awarded head-spinning prizes, including the popular Surface Pro 3 tablet, and will have his/her model included on the 3D Builder app.

CGTrader’s recent partnership with Lowe’s and the joint challenge with Microsoft demonstrates the growing demand for 3D design skills and the increasing applicability and importance of 3D printing and scanning services. The company is relentless in its efforts to create an enjoyable and easily accessible environment for 3D enthusiasts and businesses seeking to keep up with emerging technologies.

The 3D modeling challenge is now open and will run until June 1, 2015.

For more information, visit:

The community­ based 3D model marketplace CGTrader and the pioneering 3D printing company 3D Systems have teamed up to bring digital content creators an art challenge, striving to refill 3D designers’ creative well with fresh ideas.

It’s already clear that 3D printing will disrupt a wide range of different industries, everything from medicine to military. And yet, when analysts turn their gaze to art, it’s an entirely different story. In art, 3D printing is a fantastic tool allowing creatives to encapsulate their visions and create new experiences for the end user. However, its aim is not to revolutionize or hijack the creative process, but to supplement the art field as a technological advancement, giving designers and artists the sole ingredient required for ground­breaking creative product ­freedom and means to materialize any idea.

Having recently celebrated a major 100,000th user milestone, CGTrader is focused on offering its growing community a well­ rounded experience that includes all essential aspects from unique challenges to exclusive sales data.  This time, joining forces with one of the biggest market players 3D Systems, known for its innovative and pioneering approach to technology, the company hopes to inject some inspiration into the 3D printed art field.

Marius Kalytis, the founder and CEO of CGTrader said: “The vast sea of opportunities made possible with the adoption of 3D printing is even more promising when this technology lands in the hands of 3D artists.  We are exceptionally excited about the art  challenge because we’ve partnered with 3D Systems, one of the market leaders, and that should send a strong message to all participants. Conventional designs won’t do this time.”

The challenge focuses on bringing art closer to home, so all designs that explore the ways people can artsy up their living space will be accepted: think furniture, wall art, sculpture, product design or home decor. Among other valuable prizes, the winner of the best portfolio category will be awarded the amazing CubePro printer (worth $2,799) and the creator of the best model will receive the 3Doodler pen.

For more information, visit:

Designer-oriented 3D model marketplace teams up with online 3D printing service i.Materialise to run a unique Christmas gift challenge that will propel 3D designers into creating bespoke ceramic and silver gifts.

Christmas is all about finding the perfect present – for your husband or wife, your mother-in-law or your best friend. And it’s certainly easier said than done, as last minute shopping has become synonymous with the holiday season. 3D printing technology holds immense potential for reinterpreting the shopping experience, as the customer is capable of ordering personalized, custom gifts as well as choosing from an array of unique items that, due to limitations of traditional methods, have previously been considered impossible to produce.

“What makes a 3D-printed gift so unique is the way it is created: it requires genuine thought and personal input to design a custom item that would mean something to the recipient. It can be a bespoke, one-off design or a personalized version of a pre-designed model - anyhow, it’s a heart-melting gesture that would not go unnoticed. i.Materialise brings the quality and expertise in 3D printing that will, we hope, encourage consumers to include 3D-printed items in their Christmas shopping list and make this challenge a staggering success”, - said Marius Kalytis, the CEO of CGTrader.

According to research, this year 49% of the consumers will do the Christmas shopping online earlier to avoid last year’s shipping nightmare, which means that serious scouring for gifts this season may start as early as mid-October. CGTrader has teamed up with the 3D printing experts at i.Materialise in attempt to make the gift shopping as enjoyable as the Boxing Day and tap into the bubbling segment of online Christmas shoppers who seek unique gifts.

“We have noticed that there is a growing community of designers who like to print personal gifts, and silver and ceramics are both high quality materials that make for beautiful end products. CGTrader has a large community of top level 3D designers who are more than capable of creating inspiring designs, so rolling out a joint campaign seemed like a smart choice”, said Katrien Vandenplas, Marketing Manager of i.materialise.

The i.Materialise Holiday Challenge is a team effort to showcase the range of possibilities that 3D printing brings to Christmas shopping, as designers are invited to work with two distinct categories – silver and ceramics. Winners of both categories will see their designs printed in the chosen material by i.materialise as well as receive a one-year premium membership to Autodesk 123D and 3D-printed chocolate objects from Chocedge. High-quality, beautiful end products are expected to accelerate the change in consumers’ mindset towards 3D printing as a new approach to personalized shopping experience for everyone and anyone, not a lab experiment for incredibly gifted. And as we begin to move away from the basic 3D-printed objects like Santa figurines, the really magnificent creations emerge layer by layer, literally, from nothing.

For more information, visit:, the e-Bay like 3D model marketplace for 3D designers, is opening up a 3D Printing Competition and calls all 3D artists to start modeling for this rapidly growing technology.

“3D printers need 3D models just like an iPhone needs apps. This technology definitely requires professional-level 3D modeling skills, but there is a surprising gap between 3D printing industry and professional 3D designers.” says Marius Kalytis, CEO and founder of

This competition aims to attract these fresh talents and help the 3D designers acquire new modeling skills as well as experiment with designing for 3D printing. Anyone with 3D modeling skills is eligible to participate - the entrants just need to submit their models in .STL format by the end of June.

The entries will be judged based on level of professionalism, creativity, uniqueness, printability and general achievement in design of 3D printed model. Qualified jury from CGTrader will select the winner and two runners-up in the each of category: Best 3D Printable Model and Best 3D Printable Portfolio. Both winners will be awarded with 3D printers provided by Ultimaker. There are also a dozen of other valuable prizes from 3D Print UK, iMakr, Filaco, Sculpteo, and others. Competition deadline is the 30th of June.


  • Uploaded 3D model must be printable and marked as ‘print-ready’
  • Your submission should be uploaded in .STL format
  • The competition is free of charge and open to everyone including teams and legal entities
  • All the entries must be original and not derivable

NOTE: Some of prizes have additional requirements.

For more information or to submit an entry, visit:

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