CATI Now Offering All 3D Printers and 3D Production Systems From Stratasys Ltd

Computer Aided Technology, Inc.(CATI) will offer the complete line of 3D Printers and 3D Production Systems from Stratasys Ltd. (the corporate entity formed in 2012 by the merger of 3D printing companies Stratasys, Inc. and Objet Ltd.), starting on January 1st 2013. Since 2008, CATI has been the exclusive Objet 3D Printer Dealer, serving clients in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, and Kentucky. CATI will continue to offer the Objet inkjet-based 3D Printer Lines and will join a  handful of Stratasys dealers to distribute both Objet inkjet-based and FDM  3D printing technologies. This will add to its current Objet product portfolio of desktop, Eden and multi-material Connex line 3D printers, the Mojo, uPrint, Dimension, and Fortus lines of 3D printers and production systems.  
“This is a tremendous opportunity. The addition of Stratasys Technology to our Objet product lineup will benefit our clients greatly, giving them a choice of the best technologies the 3D Printing industry has to offer.  We look forward to our partnership with Stratasys Ltd.,”Rich Werneth, President Computer Aided Technology, Inc.

“The team at CATI has been a valuable asset to the Objet Community as one of our top resellers.  Their experience and commitment to providing clients with complete solutions to their product development challenges made it an easy choice to have them become one of the first dealers in North America to offer both the Objet inkjet-based Technology as well as the Stratasys FDM Technology,” said, Gilad Gans, Executive Vice President Global Field Operations for Stratasys Ltd.

CATI is currently upgrading facilities to accommodate the additional product offerings.

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