CAD Crowd Launches Free CAD Library for Sharing 3D Symbols, Blocks and Engineering Drawings

With CAD designs being one of the most highly in-demand services for engineering work on contract and CAD design companies these days, both clients and designers would find it useful to have a related library containing useful information, tools and resources that they can access anytime, anywhere.

This is exactly what CAD Crowd offers a free CAD library, where they can learn everything that there is to know about 3D and CAD models and CAD templates. The CAD Library includes CAD symbols, CAD drawings and CAD blocks for engineers. Common CAD software in the block library includes Adobe, AutoCAD, Alibre-Design, CATIA, Google Sketchup, Pro/Engineer, Solid Edge, Solid Works and Revit.

*Calgary, Alberta Canada (January 27, 2011) CAD Crowd, one of the premier engineering, CAD design and CAD drafting companies has launched a Free CAD Library. Read on to find out more about CAD in general, what the Free CAD Library is all about, and how it can benefit both designers and clients.

What the Free CAD Library and CAD Design Marketplace?
First, let's have a quick CAD refresher course. The acronym stands for Computer-Aided Design, designers use CAD software to create plans and construction drawings. Back in the days, all these designs were done manually. But when a software like AutoCAD was developed, they have become a more efficient tool so that the measurements, scales and everything else can be standardized. It is also much easier for designers to modify, twist, stretch or edit their work because of the software features that they can take advantage of.

Depending on the type of design work that you need to finish, you can make the switch from either 2D or 3D CAD designs. You can also easily manipulate the shapes of images and change the scales which are automatically adjusted.

How the CAD Crowd Library will Help the CAD Design Community
Now, how can the Free CAD Library provide advantages for both the clients and designers? Basically, it's a medium by which designers can share and discuss 2D or 3D CAD models with peers in the industry.

The popularity of online forums has brought about this instant sharing of ideas, which is exactly how the Free CAD Library works. Through it, you can share content with other users, download other members' content or even find components for your design which are provided by actual industry engineers and companies.

CAD designers will find it easy to increase their visibility, client base, establish their reputation and get instant feedback for their work. They can also browse through the Free CAD Library and get ideas for CAD designs, and even reuse the work of other engineers.

With the goal of becoming the a leading engineering design and CAD services procurement, CAD Crowd definitely does provide benefits for buyers and designers through the easily accessible and free CAD library that they have onsite.

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