BodyViz 3D MRI/CT Visualization Software Webinar

Looking for a way to engage your students in anatomy & health sciences like never before? Let us show you how with immersive, interactive and intuitive learning through BodyViz in 3D!

BodyViz Webinar
Wednesday, May 20th
10:30 AM Central Time

BodyViz creates incredible 3D MRI, CT scan visualizations, unlocking anatomy for virtually anyone including students at all levels of education. Using a simple Xbox controller, students can rotate, pan, zoom or fly-thru virtual anatomy created from MRI or CT data.

Join our webinar to discover:

  • The features BodyViz offers to make learning anatomy engaging
  • How an Xbox game controller makes BodyViz extremely easy to use
  • How other educators are using the 3D technology to teach anatomy

Director of Laboratory Instruction at the University of Houston, Dr. Tejendra Gill explains how BodyViz is useful to students at UH, “These students are pre-health professionals; they are going to be tomorrow’s doctors. So we need to expose them to the state of the art technology that we have.”

Professor Chad Wayne of the University of Houston says, "You’re not just going through a list of structures you have to learn, you actually start to see the relationships between these structures. It gives life to the material that they are actually learning in the classroom."

Dr. Lori Hensley, Associate Professor of Biology at Ouachita Baptist University says “I am excited to be able to engage our students in learning anatomy and physiology through the use of BodyViz…it uses actual patient data to demonstrate normal and abnormal anatomy. The three-dimensional projection system allows students to visualize often abstract anatomical concepts that more traditional images cannot adequately capture, such as relationships between organs or the effects of an abnormality on surrounding structures.”

Dr. Randall Wight, Dean of the Sutton School of Social Sciences at OBU says, “Humans are visual creatures,” A full understanding of any environment always includes perceiving in multiple dimensions.”  He points out, “BodyViz opens for students a new door onto human structure and function. To see dimensionally is to perceive. Nothing else fuels understanding more quickly or more subtly. To illustrate, a brain is best conceived as a three-dimensional collection of structures. Before BodyViz, students acquired that understanding by learning mentally to fan two-dimensional images from an atlas. Now they can immediately confront a three-dimensional image."

Martie Heath-Sinclair, Anatomy & Physiology Instructor at Hawkeye Community College says, "It's exciting and cutting edge.  It sets us apart from other Community College's right now and is a huge enhancement for my students because we don't have cadavers to disect. Without BodyViz our classes would rely on textbook pictures, or online and computer-based programs, which are not based on actual medical cases."

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