BIS Group Announces Real Driving Emissions Forum 2017

BIS group s.r.o. announces the Real Driving Emissions Forum taking place on April 19-20, 2017 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The Forum will give the full update on the RDE legislation progress and its perspectives, providing industry developers with the road map for compliance. Attendees will share the experience of RDE testing and monitoring and discuss the impact of meeting current and future emissions regulations.

The event will cover such topics as:

  • Conflicting Key Challenge to further Reduce Energy Consumption and Emissions: RDE and WLTC on Vehicle Propulsion and Technology Developments 2020
  • The Prospects for RDE, WLTC and Diesel Vehicles from a Large-scale Real-World Testing Programme in Europe
  • Bridging the Gap between PEMS and the State-of the-Art Laboratory Equipment
  • The Development and Characterization of a Particle Number Measurement Device for Real Driving Emissions

Main market players will share their ideas and experience throughout 2-day case studies, interactive plenaries, workshops, networking & experience exchange.

The small-scale nature of the event, expert speakers and balanced spectrum of attending companies will ensure extensive networking and business opportunities. All attendees have an opportunity for deep involvement and can actively participate in the discussions in order to overcome relevant challenges and have influence on the overall industry development.

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