Automotive 48V Power Supply and Electrification Systems Forum

BIS group announces the 48V Power Supply and Electrification Systems Forum taking place on February 15-16, 2017 in Berlin, Germany.

The Forum will showcase the perspectives of 48V systems implementation on the way of 12V systems combination and replacement and main 48V technology trends and applications. Attendees will discuss customer value versus total costs in terms of innovative 48V solutions and get an overview of the 48V perspectives for autonomous driving and CO2 regulations compliance.

Main market players will share their ideas and experience throughout 2-day case studies, interactive plenaries, workshops, networking & experience exchange.

Topics Include:

  • A full review of 48 volt power systems and their advantages
  • Insights on 48 volt technology trends
  • CO2 reduction goals with 48 volt systems
  • Overcoming system design challenges
  • 48 volt systems as a step up on the way to full EV’s

The small-scale nature of the event, expert speakers and balanced spectrum of attending companies will ensure extensive networking and business opportunities. All attendees have an opportunity for deep involvement and can actively participate in the discussions in order to overcome relevant challenges and have influence on the overall industry development.

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