Bespoke Innovations Unveils New Line of Designer Fairings for Leg Amputees

Company to Provide Custom Prosthetic Covers That Can be Personalized with Patterns, Graphics, and Multiple Materials, Serving as a Unique Form of Expression Company to Provide Custom Prosthetic Covers That Can be Personalized with Patterns, Graphics, and Multiple Materials, Serving as a Unique Form of Expression

Bespoke Innovations today announced the availability of a new line of FairingsTM, custom-tailored prosthetic leg covers that are personally designed and customized for each user to satisfy their specific preferred aesthetic. The new line of Fairings are offered in a variety of patterns, graphics and materials, serving as a new and unique form of expression for leg amputees.

Bespoke Fairings enable their wearers to individualize their prosthetics in ways that have never before been possible. The first step in the creation of a customized Fairing is a three-dimensional scan that captures the wearer’s unique shape, providing a natural leg contour and body form that current prosthetic limbs lack. Once the scan is complete, the customer can choose from any number of specific finishes and materials, including ballistic nylon, leather, chrome plating or mirror-polished metal. Tattoos can even be laser-etched into leather or embossed into the polymer surface.

Fairings have both front and back components, which can be quickly and easily swapped to suit lifestyle and activity. For instance, if the user is going out for the evening, he or she might choose to wear a metalized back and a black leather front. Alternatively, a lightweight polymer front Fairing might be combined with an easily cleaned ballistic nylon-wrapped back for a casual walk about town. Active users may choose a durable polymer Sport Fairing, which can be washed after use and worn for the rest of the day.

“Our products are shaped by human needs and enhanced by individuality. Because each Fairing is a custom-crafted work of art, its unique and striking impact is not limited by the inherent generic nature of mass production,” according to Bespoke Innovations Founder Scott Summit. “We developed Fairings to provide leg amputees with a unique way to recreate their body, and also, to showcase their individuality and style. They have a way of turning something ordinary and mechanical into something amazing.”

Fairings are made using 3D Printing technology, which creates the parts from high-quality, lightweight, and durable materials. And because removing Fairings only takes a minute, cleaning is easy. Sport Fairings are extra rugged, and like all polymer-only Fairings, are even dishwashersafe. The polished metal plating resists scratching and buffs quickly to a mirror shine.

“Instead of trying to blend in and be like everyone else, now I really go out of my way to show off my leg,” said Deborah, artist and Bespoke Fairing user. “I have become more confident with my style and creative with my outfits. I often try to match the leg to my outfit. With the chrome Fairing I can do a lot of cool 80’s things like matching it to leather jackets with grommets and leather boots with accents.”

Bespoke Innovations will be exhibiting their Fairings at the Amputee Coalition National Conference June 2-4 in Kansas City.

Fairings are custom-crafted through a proprietary process that combines today’s latest prototyping technologies with leading edge fashion design. Fairings cost between $4,000 and $6,000 depending on the complexity of design and finish materials chosen. They weigh between 8-16 ounces, depending largely on materials and size.

Bespoke Innovations, Inc. was founded in 2009 by an Industrial Designer and an Orthopedic Surgeon whose mission was to bring more humanity to people who have congenital or traumatic limb loss. The company is part of the movement towards individualized medicine and a leader in bringing a more personal approach to the way a broad spectrum of medical devices are developed and used.

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