Avante Technology Announces Enhanced Automatic STL File Repair SDK

Avante Technology, LLC, a company specializing in the development of advanced 3D printing technologies, announced version 1.2 of its Emendo™ Automated STL File Repair and Validation SDK. Targeted for web based 3D print on demand services and 3D printing application developers, the Emendo SDK provides powerful, automated file repair and validation that will save print-to-order services time and money lost to failed prints or lengthy manual file repairs.

“The challenge for service providers is offering a high level of print quality while minimizing the amount of time required to repair and optimize uploaded STL files”, said Robert Zollo, President of Avante Technology. “We developed the Emendo™ SDK in response to a growing number of requests from web based printing services to help them improve printing efficiency through more automated file repair”.

The SDK provides a simple, command-line interface that allows easy integration with the web server software. Developers are offered control over the type and level of precision of repair methods so they balance repair speed and precision to match the precision of their printers.

“Traditional STL file repair applications are more like engineering toolkits” said Zollo. “They require training to properly use and manual intervention if the default repair is not successful. We expanded the variety of repair methods that can be used in sequence to automate the great majority of file repairs. This improves efficiency and productivity for service bureaus who are printing large volumes of print jobs.”

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