bonzai3d 2.4 released

AutoDesSys is pleased to announce the release of bonzai3d v2.4 update.

While this is mainly a maintenance update, it does add a few important additions such as support for Maxwell Render, and the Polish localization.  b3d is now available in 9 languages and 2 additional are in the works:  English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Czech, Polish, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese, with Russian and Portuguese coming soon.

To update a registered version of bonzai3d (v. 2.0 or 2.1, 2.2, or 2.3), simply select Check for Updates from the bonzai3d Help Menu and follow the prompts.

Bonzai3d version 2.4 includes support for Maxwell Render, access to the Manual when shift clicking on the Menu items, better support for certain international keyboards, and more. The complete description of what is new in bonzai3d 2.4 can be found in a PDF that downloads automatically to your bonzai3d folder when you run the automatic update.  

Here is a synopsis of what’s new in bonzai3d v2.4
• Support for Maxwell Renderer. A Maxwell Plug-in for bonzai3d will be available shortly from Maxwell -
•bonzai3d is now localized in Polish. This is the ninth language that bonzai3d has been localized for.

There are a number of bug corrections in this version. Here are a few highlights:
• International keyboard input methods are now properly supported on OS X (French Numerical for example)
• The Mirror tool now shades objects properly.
• Replacing mirrored components tool no longer leaves them inside out.
• Reshaping objects with UV or UV Coordinate texture maps no longer crashes (models imported from SketchUp
often have UV texture Coordinates).
• Shift click on Menu Items now brings up the Manual properly.
• In metric units, a capital M is now accepted for meters.
• A variety of memory related issues have been resolved.



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