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Australian Research Council (ARC) Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Professor Aidan Byrne, has welcomed the launch of a new ARC Research Hub that will undertake research to establish Australia as a global leader in metal-based additive manufacturing in Australia.

The ARC Research Hub for Transforming Australia’s Manufacturing Industry through High Value Additive Manufacturing was officially opened today at Monash University. The Research Hub has been awarded $4 million over five years from the ARC through the Industrial Transformation Research Program.

Professor Byrne said the new Research Hub would focus on new additive manufacturing technology—also known as 3D printing—that can build components from metal alloy powders or wires by selective laser or electron beam melting.

“This technology makes it possible to produce components from computer design files without the need for tooling. This can lead to components being made more efficiently, cost and time-wise, while achieving equivalent or better performance,” said Professor Byrne.

“Technological advances in additive manufacturing also bring significant environmental benefits, allowing the creation of more light-weight products which require reduced energy to produce, and a significant reduction in material waste.

“This Research Hub will increase the awareness and uptake of metal-based additive manufacturing in Australia. It aims to establish Australia as a global leader in knowledge of additive manufacturing for metal components, with application in industries such as aerospace, automotive, biomedical, space and defence.”

The Research Hub will work collaboratively with partners including: Deakin University; The University of Queensland; Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation; Metallica Minerals Limited; Safran-Microturbo SAS; A.W. Bell; Amaero Engineering Pty Ltd; Chassis Brakes International (Australia) Pty Ltd; International Seal Company Australia Pty Ltd; and Kinetic Engineering Services Pty Ltd.

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