Additive Manufacturing to Benefit from Standards Agreement

ASTM International and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) have signed a Partner Standards Developing Organization (PSDO) cooperative agreement to govern the ongoing collaborative efforts between ASTM International Committee F42 on Additive Manufacturing Technologies and ISO Technical Committee 261 on Additive Manufacturing. The PSDO was signed by James Thomas, president, ASTM International, and Rob Steele, secretary general, ISO, during the ISO General Assembly meeting in India in September.

The purpose of the PSDO cooperative agreement is to eliminate duplication of effort while maximizing resource allocation within the additive manufacturing industry. In order to best achieve this, the ASTM and ISO additive manufacturing committees have agreed to normatively reference their standards in the publications of the other organization in compliance with each organizations’ policies and directives relative to normative references.

“As opportunities to forge collaborations in global standards development emerge in exciting new areas such as additive manufacturing, ASTM International stands ready to work with others to avoid duplication of effort and better serve our stakeholders,” explains ASTM President Thomas.

The agreement covers the following:
• Fast tracking the adoption process of an ASTM International standard as an ISO final draft international standard (FDIS);
• Formal adoption of a published ISO standard by ASTM International;
• Maintenance of published standards;
• Publication, copyright and commercial arrangements; and
• Terms of the agreement and cancellation.

“ISO’s aim is to facilitate the international exchange of goods and services through the development of International Standards,” says ISO’s Rob Steele. “Adopting a spirit of inclusion and cooperation vis à vis other standardizing bodies can only increase the market relevance of our standards, while ensuring an effective and efficient use of resources.”

ASTM Committee F42 Next Meeting: Jan. 30-31, 2012, Salt Lake City, Utah

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