Arburg Takes Truck on Tour to Promote Injection Molding Education

During the past ten years, the specially equipped truck of the French training and further education institute “Destination Plasturgie” has extended its tours into Belgium each spring. The initiative for this campaign came from Simon Bemong, who heads Arburg's subsidiary in Belgium. The objective is to promote plastics processing among interested students and to recruit them for jobs at plastics processing companies.

An interesting side effect of “Truck on Tour” is that the future professionals come into contact with Arburg through its corporate presentation and plastics processing technology in the exhibition truck. Simon Bemong, Managing Director of Arburg Belgium explains:

“The truck provides enough space for a small exhibition stand at which we can present Arburg and our technology. An electric Allrounder 370 A is used to present injection moulding 'live', as well as the extrusion and thermoforming processes. The event is further enhanced trough presentations on the topic of plastics held by representatives of industry institutions or plastics processing companies.”

Each year, the truck visits five destinations within one week. The students are divided into groups of about 15 participants on average, which adds up to around 60 visitors in the morning and 60 more during the afternoon. Each year, “Truck on Tour” therefore informs some 600 interested parties about the plastics industry and Arburg.

The state-run Belgian industry association PlastIQ, which includes members of companies and trade unions, is now also participating in these activities as a supporting institution. It ensures a high level of participation as well as providing top-class presentations. After ten years, the event is known in the industry nationwide and is always well attended.

Simon Bemong comments: “This unique campaign has become popular among all of the target groups. The customers see that 'Arburg is doing something for plastics and education' and school and university students associate our company with plastics processing from the outset.”

Each year, the articulated truck tours covers some 40,000 kilometres during the plastics campaign alone. In order for the exhibited Allrounder injection moulding machine to also produce “live”, the vehicle is equipped with the necessary connections and can be operated autonomously. The “Truck on Tour” travels 650 kilometres just to get to Arburg's selected event locations.

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