APSX Announces Full Automatic Electric Desktop Plastic Injection Molding Machine

If you run low volume plastic part production multiple times a year for prototyping or new product development, there is an opportunity to cut your costs by more than 75%. Additionally, you can reduce the lead-times from weeks to days. It is all possible with the introduction of APSX-PIM: The First Full Automatic Electric Desktop Plastic Injection Molding Machine designed and made in Cincinnati, OH USA.

APSX LLC believes that there is a future that is alternative to conventional plastic injection molding market. When it comes to make tangible things in your own shop or garage, there is still no affordable way to make them. As makers, designers and manufacturers, we need to give our unique product ideas a shape that we can see and also touch them. APSX LLC built this machine (patent pending) for that purpose.

The APSX-PIM machine usually costs less than typical conventional molds alone. Full-time or part-time CNC machinists, product design studios, medical equipment manufacturers, mold manufacturers, injection molders, engineering and technical schools and also DIY hobbyists can benefit from this machine. The main benefits are shorter lead-time, repeatability, impact and wear resistant parts with quality surface finish which is much better than 3D printed parts.

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