Register NOW for the APMM's 2012 Conference!

APMM Conference 2012 Registration is now OPEN for the 17th APMM International Conference in Kansas City March 16-19, 2012 with the theme "Growth and Opportunity". Our conference will be about ways to increase capabilities, expand business and improve your work life.  We'll explore new potentials created by increases in local manufacturing as well as DIY design and fabrication.  We'll also address situations created by the economic downturn and look at what people and companies are doing to ride it out.

Keynote Speaker

Our speaker at this year's Keynote Event is David Laverick from Garmin International.  David has been a professional model maker since 1980 and has run a successful prototyping company from the mid 80's through 1994, when he joined Garmin.  He has experience with weathering economic swings and building successful businesses.

Technical/Model Shop Tours

We have a great line-up of tours through a very diverse cross-section of the making community in the greater Kansas City area. We'll have exclusive access to some model shops of distinction, innovation centers, and beneficial local attractions. To find out more about our tours of Kansas University Metalsmithing Department, Reuter Pipe Organ Company, Hallmark Prototype Facility, World War I Museum, R&D Prototype, UMKC Toy & Miniature Museum, Garmin International, and Dimensional Innovations.

The Only Gathering for Professional Model Makers!

If you've never attended an APMM Conference, you will be surprised by the strength of expertise and experience that you will encounter. If you are a veteran attendee, perhaps you'll find that a new contact, a vendor you had never met before, or come across an innovative solution will make your attendance at our 2012 event a good investment in your future. If you miss Kansas City in 2012, our next gathering won't take place until 2014!

What Will YOU Bring?

As with every APMM conference - your contribution is indispensable!  There are many of you out there with your own experiences to share, both rewarding and challenging.  Your fellow modelmakers need to hear from you.  You may not feel you have anything to talk about but we're also interested in what you want to hear about.  If you have faced obstacles, odds are you aren't the only one.  What kind of workshop or panel discussion would you like to see?

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